Commissioners to consider Adopt-A-Highway payments

Youth groups could be paid $10/mile

BROWN COUNTY — Brown County commissioners will consider changing the Adopt-A-Highway Program to include paying youth groups $10 per mile Tuesday, Feb. 5.

The current program is voluntary. Groups pick up trash on road segments and get a sign erected with their group’s name on it. Brown County provides safety vests and trash bags to volunteers.

Trash on 33 road segments cover 77 miles of county highway. Trash is picked up by volunteers and piled at road locations twice a year, usually in spring and fall. The Brown County Highway Dept. loads up the garbage piles and disposes of it.

Some area counties pay groups $10 to $15 per mile and get all their roads cleaned up.

Brown County has 346 miles of county highway. The current program picks up 77 miles of road. Garbage is not picked up on the remaining 269 miles of road.

If trash was picked up on all county roads, it would cost the county $3,460 each time trash was collected.

The Brown County Highway Committee reviewed the item and recommended bringing it to the board for consideration.

Commissioners will also consider:

• A redundant server for Law Enforcement Center (LEC) dispatch and data. The total budget cost is $6,318.59. All hardware purchases would be paid for with 911 funds. The sheriff’s office needs another physical server to work with the primary server to ensure dispatch redundancy in case one of the physical servers fail.

Data storage is also being added to the LEC rack which will be small Network Array storage to handle new server data storage.

• Amending the Food & Beverage Establishment Ordinance with minor revisions after hearing public testimony at 10 a.m. Brown/Nicollet Environmental Health Director Jesse Harmon will address the board at the meeting.

• Appointing Shawn Stoermann as part-time emergency manager at 30 hours a week, at the hourly rate of $23.0258 effective Feb. 6, pending pre-employment screening.

• Ditch Authority teleconferences begin at 8:30 a.m. for JD 9, 10 and 36. The regular board meeting begins at 9 a.m. in the courthouse commissioner’s room.