Host families honored

From left, Sue Marti, Eddie Portner and Carolyn Marti Smith

NEW ULM — The Sister Cities Commission gave Carolyn Marti Smith, Sue Marti and Eddie Portner the 2019 Recognition Award for their work as host families.

The Marti family has long served as host families for the Hans Joohs Culture Exchange visitor. The three served as the host family for Eva Karremann, Elli Starlet, Anna Nusser and Anna-Marie Koehler.

This year’s recipients would be happy to host more exchange program visitors if the opportunity arises.

The Sister Cities Commission is currently reviewing candidates to come to New Ulm. However, the commission is struggling to find local candidates.

Last year, New Ulm did not send anyone from the New Ulm area to Ulm, Germany. In an effort to obtain more applications, the commission has relaxed the language requirements for appliants.

In the past, one of the qualification was to have fluent German language skills, but in recent years this has been a stumbling block. The new requirements ask that the applicant be interested in German and German culture. The German organizations realized that most Germans speak English or at least understand it.

For more background on the Hans Joohs Exchange visit and Commissions/Sister Cities Commission.