New Beginnings Church creating a new home in former store

Staff photos by Gage Cureton While renovations to the building haven’t been completed, worship services have been held in the finished sanctuary (above) of the New Beginnings Assembly of God Church. Further renovations to the building will be completed near the end of January.

NEW ULM — The new year ushered in new beginnings for the New Beginnings Assembly of God Church.

Members of the church have been working on their new location since late 2018.

Although renovations haven’t been finished, the church’s first services were held Dec. 15 in the completed sanctuary, or room of worship.

“We’ve been in here working since Oct. 31 to get it to this point where it is today,” pastor Lonny Carpenter said. “We’ve come a long way.”

Before purchasing the building which housed the former Dollar General at 324 20th South St., the church held their weekly service across the street at the New Ulm Event Center.

Lonny Carpenter, pastor of the New Beginnings Assembly of God Church, examines progress in the remodelling of the church’s new building Friday at 324 20th South St. Renovations will be completed near the end of January.

Carpenter said that having their own building will allow them to hold their own service without having to “set up and tear down” every Sunday.

“We’ve spent a lot of time and energy in this building,” he said. “We’ve orchestrated the majority of the work to be done and whenever there was work being done we were here doing it.”

The building provides an abundance of space for those attending services as well as a kitchen, private nursing station for new mothers and plenty of room for parking.

“We’ve got parking and we’ve got our own place,” Carpenter said. “And that’s huge just to have parking.”

Carpenter said he looks forward to potential expansion in the future.

“When we outgrow this we’ll go two services,” he said. “And when we outgrow two services we’ll buy a new building.”

Carpenter said remodelling will “hopefully’ be completed at the end of this month.