Know what to do in snow emergencies

Staff photo by Clay Schuldt A half-covered sign indicates a snow-emergency area downtown.

NEW ULM — A downtown snow emergency was declared at 1:30 a.m. Monday. This was the first snow emergency of the season.

Public Works Superintendent Curt Curry said any time the city receives more than a dusting of snow, the downtown area needs to be plowed, and a snow emergency is declared.

Typically, snow emergencies are declared around noon the night before, to give time for vehicle owners to move their cars and trucks. During this time vehicles parked within the signed downtown emergency route were tagged and towed.

Media notifications of snow emergency are typically submitted the night before, to alert vehicle owners that they need to relocate vehicles parked on the street. In addition, anyone can sign up to receive snow emergency alerts through email or text message. The city website has a link titled “Receive Notice of Downtown Snow Emergency” that will redirect users to a page allowing them to register for the special alerts. Curry said around 500 individuals are signed up for this alert.

Curry noted that the city has not placed saw-horses to block off snow emergency zones in over a decade. All roads in the downtown emergency area are identified with street signs year round.

Overnight parking during the snow emergency is available in the parking lot at 3rd N. and German Street and in the City Hall parking lot.

The roads affected by snow emergency are:

• German Street – 1st South to 4th North

• Minnesota Street – 3rd South to 5th North

• State Street – 1st South to 3rd North

• 1st South – State Street to Spring Street

• 2nd South – Minnesota Street to German Street

• Center Street – Broadway to Spring Street

• 1st North – State Street to Minnesota Street

• 1st North – German Street to Spring Street

• 2nd North – State Street to German Street

• 3rd North – State Street to German Street

• 4th North – Broadway to German Street

• Pause Parking (1st North to 3rd North on the west side of Broadway)