School board reviews safety plan

NEW ULM — The Independent School District 88 School Board held a study session Thursday to review the safety/crisis plan.

The district’s new School Resource Officer (SRO) Brady Murphy gave an update on it.

Murphy said during SRO training the New Ulm the school was held up as an example as to how to implement crisis planning.

In the first month, Murphy has been reviewing the buildings. This includes checking doors and insuring the automatic door locks are working. Murphy said he is generally examining the buildings to make sure everything is secure and safe. The SRO office does include indicator lights if a school door is open too long. Murphy said this typically is because air pressure prevented a door from shutting properly. Other times it was propped open by a teacher or student who did not want to walk around to the front of the building to enter the school again.

The school’s connection with the New Ulm Police Department expanded to an internship program. Murphy said Thursday was a student’s first day interning with the Police Department. This is a pilot program and it is still being worked out. Murphy said it is proving popular. Other students have expressed interest. The student currently enrolled in the program actually proposed the internship and was responsible to getting it started.

Murphy said to the best his knowledge, no other school in the area has a high school internship program.

Superintendent Jeff Bertrang explained a new phone and computer application used by the school called “Crisis Go.” It has all the contact information for each kid that is updated with each student added. A notification system is included with the application.

Bertrang said the actual crisis update plan has not changed significantly, but who is notified is changing and drills are being modified to coordinate with school officials and other agencies.

All emergency drills are scheduled, but are subject to change if needed. Several of the drills have been conducted. Murphy said the drills have gone well, but officials continue to tweak them, to make responses second nature to students and staff.

The next regular meeting of the school board is scheduled for 6 p.m. Oct. 25 in the District Boardroom.