Lind House boils up some fundraising

Staff photo by Clay Schuldt In service of the Lind House; Jason Schaefer (right) John Genelin (left)) and Harold Remme cook steaks on pitchforks in 325-degree fondue oil.

NEW ULM — Members of the Gov. John Lind House board got their pitchforks out Friday to raise money for their capital campaign through a fondue cookout.

In the shadow of Hermann the German, volunteers cooked as many as six steaks at a time on a pitchfork over a boiling cauldron of fondue oil.

Jason Schaefer said for a half-pound medium rare steak it took about seven minutes in the oil. Typically the cauldron had two pitchforks full of steaks in the oil at one time.

Lind House Board Director Carol Steinhaus said this was the fifth year of the Pitchfork Fondue Fundraiser. In the past the fondue fundraiser has brought it 200 guests on average and raise around $4,000

Each year the Lind House raises money for a variety of needs. This year the top expense is paying for a new roof. Steinhaus said the Lind House has sprung a major leak. In the past the roof has been patched many times. A full repair is estimated to cost $68,000.