SE man faces criminal sex, domestic assault charges

Silva bails

out of jail

NEW ULM — A 24-year-old Sleepy Eye man arrested last weekend after telling police a woman assaulted him, stole his truck keys and vandalized his friend, was charged with felony third-degree criminal sexual conduct and misdemeanor domestic assault in Brown County District Court Aug. 15.

Eduardo Silva, 638 2nd Ave. N.W., bailed out of the Brown County jail with conditions Aug. 15. His bail was set at $5,000 with conditions, $30,000 without conditions.

According to court documents, Silva called Sleepy Eye Police on Aug. 13 and wanted to report an incident that occurred over the weekend. He told police that sometime early Sunday, Aug. 12, a female he knew, identified as the victim, came to his house, took his truck keys and vandalized his friend’s vehicle. In addition, Silva said the victim assaulted him the night before.

Silva told police he and the victim worked together in town and had a sexual relationship but he no longer wanted to be in it. He said the victim saw he and a witness talking and got upset. Silva said the victim kicked him, then repeatedly hit and kicked him and said the victim threatened to “take him down with her.” He showed police bruises on his arms and chest.

Silva said he went to the victim’s home with her and she hit him again because she was upset over his talking to another girl, then hit him again. Silva said the victim tried to hit him with her vehicle, keyed a witness’ van, then fought with him again.

The victim told police that she asked Silva why he kept the witness around and he kicked her and grabbed her, leaving bruises, which police saw on her wrists and arms. She said he grabbed her by the hair and told her if she said anything, “he wasn’t doing down alone.”

The victim told police she slapped Silva because she didn’t want to have sex with him. In addition, she said Silva told her he was going to take her car and she denied damaging a witness’s vehicle. The victim said Silva forced her to have sex with him despite her not wanting to do so. She showed police clothing he wore when he had sex with her.

Silva told police the victim fabricated the sexual assault story, denied having sex with her and said he didn’t know how she got bruises. In addition, Silva told police he never hit the victim. He later admitted he and the victim had sex at her house but said that was a week and a half ago.