Neighbors kick off summer with party

Starr photo by Clay Schuldt Blindfolded Recari Harding was the first to take a swing at the cupcake piñata during the Annual Summer Party.

NEW ULM–The 1600 block of South Valley Street was host to its Second Annual Summer Party.

This year over 30 kids and around 10 parents attended the celebration.

For the last two years area parents have held an end of the school year celebration for children.

This year the party was hosted by Ashley Sherrod. Jefferson and Middle School students in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade were in invited to the celebration.

Sherrod’s backyard held a variety of activities for the kids including Inflatable pools, slip’n slide and a trampoline was setup for the children.

Many of the kids took part in a never-ending water fight. A few others organized a kickball game. Later the kids were able to take a whack at a piñata. Parent could drop off and pick up their children, or even let them stay the night.

Sherrod was excited to teach the kids about some old-school night time games like flashlight tag. She said many of the kids had never heard of the game before.

The event was started last year by Sandy Taylor to give area children something do. Her kids suggested the idea and she thought it could be an annual event. Sherrod took over hosting duties for the second year.

With the increased popularity of the event some of the parents are thinking of asking the city to host the event next year.

“We wanted to do something for the kids and we need more activities for kids,” Taylor said. “This is a good start.”