Former Gibbon teacher sentence stayed

GAYLORD — A 40-year-old, former Prairie Lutheran School teacher in Gibbon was convicted of gross misdemeanor fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct in Sibley County District Court Jan. 18 for having a relationship with a 17-year-old student.

As part of a plea agreement, Megan J. Johnson, 33208 641st Ave., Gibbon, got a stay of imposition in the case that originally included a felony third-degree criminal sexual conduct charge. She was fined $3,085 and sentenced to three years probation.

She must register as a Predatory Offender, undergo a Psychological-Sexual Evaluation, follow all recommendations, pay restitution reserved for six months, before fines, fees and surcharges, have no direct or indirect contact with the victim or family and have no unsupervised contact with minor males until approved by probation and therapy. Successful probation completion will result in a misdemeanor conviction.

Johnson admitted to having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student, an illegal immigrant who was abandoned by his father in the City of Gibbon. She said he showed up at the school one day looking for help, according to court documents.

In February 2015, Johnson said she began helping the boy through the legal system, in an effort to become a legal U.S. immigrant. The boy spoke little English, but she spoke Spanish, communicating with him and acting as an interpreter. Johnson said she provided food, clothing and laundry services for the boy, besides helping him enroll in school, tutoring and finding a family law attorney for him. The boy later moved in with the Schmidt family in Winthrop, who became his legal guardians, according to court documents.

Johnson said her relationship with the boy became sexual in January 2016. She said he initiated the sexual contact during a trip to the Twin Cities.

In March 2017, a Sibley County Investigator confirmed most of Johnson’s self-report. However, the boy said Johnson was the aggressor and that he was afraid and confused about his relationship with Johnson, who he said became emotional at times and resulted in them having sex. He said multiple sexual encounters began around Christmas 2015 and ended in April 2016.