Slide Show: Growing Young, Growing Wise

Anita Prestidge (left) sits onstage where she narrated “The Wind and the Sweet German Boy,” while Nita Gilbert (middle left) sings “Night After Night” accompanied by Peter Michael von der Nahmer (middle right) and Laura Stelljes (right).
Director Michael Koester portrays the Sweet German Man as the Wind, in a fit of rage at being ignored and concern for the man, knocks him off of his bicycle and nearly kills him.
Ivrin Hendrickson (left) and Beret Ouren (right) portray a young girl and grandmother, respectively. In this scene “Steven and the Bee” Hendrickson asks Ouren about an inventor she once knew who attempted to create a mechanical bee.
Anita Prestidge (right) narrates “The Wind and the Sweet German Boy” as Aiden Hendrickson (left) portrays his actions as a youth.
Howard, played by John Carpenter (left), regales a young Dr. Ann Vogel, portrayed by Lydia Wasserman (right) about the tales of Goosetown.
The four seniors portrayed in “Growing Young” stand on stage. Pictured left to right: Vernon Stadick, Dolores Kahle, Doris Groeber and Jeanie Gareis.

Since May, Resident Composer Peter Michael von der Nahmer has been working on a three-act musical-theater piece titled “Musical Tales Concerto: Growing Young, Growing Wise.” The goal was to explore German-American, a topic close to von der Nahmer’s heart as his own ancestry throws back to Germany, America and Cuba. He found New Ulm and with the help local talent residents’ memories he worked to create a unique show.