NU man faces felony theft, fraud, forgery charges

Claimed he worked as Personal Care Attendant for disabled person

NEW ULM — A 55-year-old New Ulm man was charged with felony theft-medical costs, medical assistance fraud and forgery charges in Brown County District Court Aug. 15.

According to a complaint received by a Brown County financial worker, Daryle J. Hansen, 519 N. German St., who claimed to be a personal care attendendant for a disabled person, was not actually providing any care, according to court documents.

An investigation showed that Hansen reported providing daily care for a person for five to seven hours a day from Aug. 7, 2015 through March 5, 2017, according to time records he submitted. The person he claimed to have cared for died April 7.

An employment record review showed that Hansen worked for D&A Trucking in New Ulm. Hansen reported on an application with Abbey Care that he was not employed. Company records from D&A showed that Hansen was employed full time as an over-the-road trucker, traveling to the East Coast, Florida, Texas and Wisconsin regularly and would be gone for days at a time.

Based on the work schedule, it would have been impossible for Hansen to provide PCA services to the person during the times he claimed on his time sheets.

The investigator reviewed the disabled person’s Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) activity and nearly all transactions were located in New Ulm over the past two years, when Hansen was working in other parts of the country.

The investigator interviewed Hansen who admitted the disabled person was not always with him in the truck, but insisted it was only “some of the time.”

Banking records subpoenaed from Alliance Bank of New Ulm to Hansen’s account verified direct deposits were made from Abbey Care from Sept. 5, 2015 through March 16, 2017, totaling $31,226.41.

By failing to submit true and correct time sheets, falsifying an employment application, failing to follow employment terms and receiving direct deposits from Abbey Care, Hansen received $35,567.14 in gross PCA payments, and $31,226.41 in net payments, from Aug. 2015 through March 2017 that he did not earn, the complaint says.

A court hearing for the case was set for Sept. 5 in Brown County District Court.