City golf cart ordinance to take effect Sept. 4

NEW ULM — On Labor Day (Sept. 4) it will be legal for citizens with a permit to operate Golf Carts, Utility Task Vehicles, Mini-Trucks and All-Terrain Vehicles within New Ulm city limits.

A month ago the city council approved ordinance regulating special vehicles. The second reading of the ordinance change was conducted last Tuesday. With the approval of the final reading the law goes into effect 30 days after the publication of the ordinance, which appears in today’s edition of The Journal.

In order to legally operate a golf car or other special vehicle individuals will need to apply for a permit.

City Manager Brian Gramentz said the application will not be too onerous. There is no waiting period on the permit. Once an individual applies and is approved he or she will be granted the necessary permit.

Golf cart and other special vehicle permits will be limited to individuals with a current Minnesota driver’s license with evidence of insurance. The council insisted on requiring a driver’s license to prevent anyone under the age of 16 from driving and to prevent individuals with revoked or suspended licenses from applying.

In addition, the permit is limited to the individual applying. The permit does not authorize other members of the permit holder’s household to operate the specialty vehicle unless they too have a permit.

The permit does not authorize users from operating the vehicle on county, state or federal highways except to cross and designated intersections.

The maximum speed limit for these vehicles is 25 MPH.

Monday, Sept. 4 is the first day New Ulm residents can legally operate these vehicles, but the permit application could be available before then.

Gramentz said city staff is still working to create the official application forms, but they should be done and available a few days before Labor Day. The permit application carries $50 processing fee.