Sioux Falls man faces burglary, theft charges

BROWN COUNTY — Authorities are looking for a 23-year-old Sioux Falls, S.D., man who faces third-degree felony burglary and theft charges in Brown County District Court, for taking a motor vehicle without an owner’s consent.

Charges against Michael D. Anderson stem from an incident several miles southeast of Hanska on Feb. 12, according to court documents.

A Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to a burglary in progress at 12940 110th St. (several miles southeast of Hanska) at 6:28 a.m. Feb. 12. At the residence, the deputy was advised the suspect, Anderson, fled on foot wearing a backpack.

The complainant told police her dogs woke her up, she went outside with them and confronted a young white adult with shaggy blond hair. She noticed her garage door was open, while it was usually locked shut.

The complainant asked the man what he was doing, and he said he tried to steal a motorcycle. The complainant told the man to leave her property, but he didn’t move. The complainant said she had a gun and the man said “don’t shoot, don’t shoot.” The complainant told him to leave the property and run. The man left the property and headed west on the road until he complainant lost sight of him.

The deputy went to the garage where the motorcycle was and found two bags that did not belong to the complainant. One was a long Athalon graffiti bag with a blue snowboard, a six-string Stratocaster Squire 2 guitar, hangers, a skateboard without wheels, a name tag of Fred Lange, 46818 411th Ave., N. Mankato, and several cords.

The other bag was a black duffel bag with miscellaneous papers, a Minilab MIDI controller, rearview mirror, Emerson Triple Play CD changer and a helmet. The bags were taken as evidence.

The deputy noticed a motorcycle removed from the garage. It was a Harley-Davidson with fresh fingerprints on the gas gauge, meter and starter switch.

The complainant later noticed a vehicle that was not theirs on the property, a red 1999 Ford Contour registered to a person with a Nicollet County address. The deputy called Nicollet County dispatch and later learned a stolen vehicle report matching the description was taken from its owner.

The deputy did not find a Ford key in the car but did find paperwork with the name of Michael D. Anderson, a diploma with the same name and a key to a Honda. The deputy was told by a Nicollet County deputy to have the vehicle towed to the impound. The Nicollet County deputy wanted the Honda keys as they thought they were for a vehicle found abandoned on the road side close to where the other stolen vehicle was taken.

The Brown County deputy got a call from Sioux Falls Police who said Brown County may have an incident with Michael D. Anderson because he went to St. Paul for a concert and, according to his friends, took a drug similar to ecstasy. The officer said Anderson may be violent if confronted.

The Brown County deputy put out an officer safety alert for southern Minnesota and contacted Watonwan County because of its proximity.

On Feb. 20, a Brown County Sheriff’s Department investigator interviewed Anderson in the Nicollet County Jail. Anderson said he took acid while in Minneapolis before deciding to drive back to Sioux Falls.

Anderson said he stole a car from a Nicollet County residence after his own vehicle ran out of gas. Anderson described trying to steal a motorcycle from a rural residence. He said he knocked on the front door and no one answered. He said he proceeded to the shed and tried to start a motorcycle but was unsuccessful. He said he began pushing the motorcycle down a driveway when he was confronted by a woman who came from the house.

Anderson has an open warrant due to a complaint warrant file in Watonwan County Court. A complaint warrant was requested.

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