Prostitution sting nets four

BLUE EARTH COUNTY — Following prostitution stings in Blue Earth County over the last few days, four suspects face prostitution charges in Blue Earth County District Court.

Jace S. Matthees, 39, West Concord and MD Humaid Ansari, 19, Mankato, were charged with felony prostitution, for hiring or agreeing to hire and reasonably believing an individual is under 18 but at least 16. They were charged Feb. 24 and 28 in Blue Earth County District Court, according to court documents.

Lawrence C. Demetrious White, 44, Perris, Calif., was charged with a felony for soliciting/inducing an individual to practice prostitution and a felony for promoting prostitution of an individual Feb. 24.

Sarah R. Greene, 37, Las Vegas, Nevada, was charged Feb. 24 with two counts of gross misdemeanor prostitution, for engaging with a person 18 year old or older and hiring, offering or agreeing to be hired by an 18-year-old or older.

On Feb. 23, officers working in Blue Earth County as a task force initiated messages with a person posting on Backpage.com. Responding to an ad, an officer arranged to meet a female in Blue Earth County for $400 an hour, according to court documents.

At 8:20 p.m., a female, later identified as Greene, arrived at the residence. A detective, operating undercover, contacted her at the front door and she agreed to engage in a sex act for money.

After the deal was made, officers arrested Greene who was topless. Officers recognized her from photos in the Backpage.com ad and found $400 in pre-corded buy money on her person. Also found in Greene’s property was a pink bottle with a clear liquid inside, a Germ-X bottle and four condoms. Greene said she lives in Las Vegas but was visiting friends in Minnesota. She admitted to having been arrested for prostitution three years ago and about 20 years ago in Nevada.

Officers ran a criminal history and found Greene was arrested for prostitution in Las Vegas on April 9, 2015, and found guilty on Feb. 12, 2016. She was arrested for prostitution in September 2015 in California.

A vehicle Greene arrived in, a white Hyundai, was later stopped by Mapleton Police and the driver was identified as Lawrence C. Demetrious White. Police observed cuts on his hands and several smashed cellphones in his possession. It appears White was smashing the cellphones in order to avoid detection of criminal activity by law enforcement. White was arrested for trafficking of prostitution.

Also on Feb. 23, officers were doing an undercover vice operation in Blue Earth County when several individuals contacted an undercover officer, identifying herself as a female under age 18, going by the name of “Emma,” wishing to participate in sex acts for money.

One individual identified as Md Humaid Ansari, asked the undercover officer how much sex acts would cost. Due to other arrests, officers were unable to respond to Ansari on Feb. 23.

On Feb. 24 during another undercover vice operation, an officer texted Ansari that Emma was available. The officer, acting as an underage prostitute, stated he was almost 18 years old. Due to snowfall, Ansari did not meet the undercover officer that day.

On Monday, the officer told Ansari that “Emma” was available in Mankato and they could meet in River Hills Mall. Ansari said he wanted an hour of service for $150 that included sex with a condom. A noon meeting was set up.

At noon, Ansari came to the mall in a cab and was arrested. Ansari had $160 in cash and a condom on his person.

Also on Feb. 23, undercover officers placed online personal ads and responded to individuals via electronic means including email and text messages.

A male later identified as Matthees, responded to an ad placed by an officer. Communications included exchanging money for sex acts including oral sex. Matthees agreed to pay money for sex acts with a female he believed was 17 years old.

At 10 p.m., Matthees arrived at a pre-determined location in Mapleton and parked. An undercover officer met him while he was in his vehicle. Officers arrested Matthees without incident. Matthees’ phone included text messages to the phone number associated with the undercover officer. Officers found more than $400 in his wallet and pants pocket.

Matthees’ criminal history revealed a 2007 felony conviction for soliciting a child to engage in sexual conduct in Dodge County and a 2012 felony conviction for third-degree criminal sexual conduct from Dodge County. Records showed he was currently on supervised release for third-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Law enforcement agencies assisting in the arrests included the Nicollet and Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Offices, Mankato Department of Public Safety, New Ulm and Mapleton Police Departments.


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