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(October 23, 30, 2020)

Advertisement for


The City of New Ulm is

accepting bids for a

decommissioned art

Sculpture. “Back and

Forth” was created by

New Ulm artist Helene

Fesenmaier in her stu-

dio in London, Eng-

land. It was installed in

the New Ulm Public Li-

brary in 1978. The

Sculpture consists of

three steel shafts

which rotate slowly on

pedestals. The Sculp-

ture was decommis-

sioned in 2002. At the

time of decommission-

ing, it was not working

properly and has not

been started since

2002, it is unknown if it

is operable. Since that

time, it has been

moved to various City

storage facilities. It

has been exposed to

mold and at times it

has been partially sub-

merged under water.

The Sculpture is in-

complete since it is

missing the six (6)

wood beams that are

sandwiched between

the metal pieces.

Bids must be delivered

to the Office of the Fi-

nance Director, City

Hall Building, 100

North Broadway, New

Ulm, Minnesota 56073

no later than 10:00

A.M. on Friday, No-

vember 13, 2020. The

bids will be publicly

opened in the City Hall

Council Chambers and

read by the Finance

Director at that time.

For information and

pictures of the sculp-

ture please visit



for_bids. Individuals

wishing to view the

Sculpture should con-

tact Chris Dalton at

(507) 233-2112.



Chris Dalton

City Manager

Dated at New Ulm,

Minnesota this 21st

day of October, 2020


(October 30 2020)

School Board


Independent School

District No. 88

New Ulm, Minnesota

The school board of In-

dependent School Dis-

trict 88 met for a Regu-

lar Meeting on Sep-

tember 24, 2020 in the

District Boardroom.

Members present:

Schiro, Sunderman,

Waloch, Dewanz, Gag,

and Ringhofer. Absent:

Groebner. Meeting

called to order by Chair


1. Schiro/Dewanz ap-

proval of agenda with

noted changes.(6-0)

2. Schiro/Sunderman

approval of minutes.


3. Schiro/Dewanz ap-

proval of consent

agenda. (6-0)


Superintendent’s, Ac-

tivities, Policy, River

Bend, and Announce-


5. Policies: Reviewed

policies without

changes; first reading

of policies.

6. Waloch/Dewanz ap-

proval of bills for audit

and budget report.


7. Waloch/Sunderman

approval of proposed

levy certification. (6-0)

8. Schiro/Waloch re-

move K.V. from mak-

ing electronic fund

transfers. (6-0)

9. Ringhofer/Dewanz

acceptance of dona-

tions (6-0)

10. Sunderman/

Waloch approval of un-

paid leave of absence

for paras due to CO-

VID-19. (6-0)

11. Schiro/Dewanz ap-

proval of MOU with

NUEA for State of Em-

ergency Related to

COVID-19. (6-0)

12. Waloch/ Sunder-

man adjournment at

6:35 p.m. (6-0)

Complete minutes and

documents are avail-

able for review in the

superintendent’s office,

District Offices, 414

South Payne Street,

New Ulm, Minnesota.

A digital recording of

board proceedings is

available by contacting

the superintendent’s


Independent School

District #88

New Ulm, Minnesota

By: Amanda Groebner,



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