Public Notices, July 28, 2020


(July 21, 28, 2020, 2020)


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Tony Gulden, President of New Ulm Storage, Inc., has filed a petition with the Finance Director of the City of New Ulm, Minnesota for the vacation of the following right-of-way, to wit:

1. That part of 17th South Street adjacent to Lot 7, Block 42 South of Center Street

and said petition will be examined, heard, and considered by the City Council at a meeting to be held at the Council Chambers in City Hall, 100 North Broadway in said City on Tuesday, August 4, 2020, at 4:30 p.m., and at such meeting the Council will first examine and consider such petition, and thereupon, whether such vacation shall be made or not. All persons or parties interested therein will be heard.


Nicole L. Jorgensen

Finance Director


(July 28, 2020)

School Board Proceedings

Independent School District No. 88

New Ulm, Minnesota

The school board of Independent School District 88 met for a Regular Meeting on June 25, 2020 in the District Boardroom. Members present: Dewanz, Gag, Groebner, Ringhofer, Schiro, Waloch. Sunderman joined remotely at 6:31 p.m. Meeting called to order by Chair Gag.

1. Schiro/Waloch approval of agenda with noted changes.(6-0, roll call vote)

2. Dewanz/Schiro approval of minutes. (6-0, roll call vote)

3. Dewanz/Waloch approval of consent agenda. (6-0, roll call vote)

4.Reports: Superintendent’s, Activities, Finance, River Bend, and Announcements.

5. Sunderman joined meeting.

6. Schiro/Groebner approval of Staff Development presentation. (7-0, roll call vote)

7. Sunderman/Dewanz approval of Local Literacy Program. (7-0, roll call vote)

8. Sunderman/Dewanz approval of bills for audit and budget report. (7-0, roll call vote)

9. Accepted the cash balance report.

10. Groebner/Schiro authorized money for Severance/Retirement Benefits. (7-0, roll call vote)

11. Sunderman/ Dewanz approval of FY21 Budget. (7-0, roll call vote)

12. Ringhofer/Dewanz acceptance of donations (7-0, roll call vote)

13. Second policy reading was held.

14. Waloch/Groebner adoption of revised policy. (7-0, roll call vote)

15. Schiro/Dewanz adoption of fee schedule. (6-1 roll call vote, Waloch against)

16. Dewanz/ Sunderman approval of MREA Membership. (7-0, roll call vote)

17. Waloch/Schiro approval of MSBA Membership and Policy Services Renewal. (7-0, roll call vote)

18. Schiro/Groebner election of school board members and calling the school district election. (7-0, roll call vote)

19. Waloch/Dewanz approval of Summer Camps Grant. (7-0, roll call vote)

20. Schiro/Dewanz resolution related to accepting donations from the New Ulm Fine Arts Booster Club. (7-0, roll call vote)

21. Dewanz/Ringhofer adjournment at 7:23 p.m. (7-0, roll call vote)

Complete minutes and documents are available for review in the superintendent’s office, District Offices, 414 South Payne Street, New Ulm, Minnesota. A digital recording of board proceedings is available by contacting the superintendent’s office.

Independent School District #88

New Ulm, Minnesota

By: Amanda Groebner, Clerk


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