Public notices


(March 3, 10, 2020)




GIVEN, that the City

Council of the City of

New Ulm, Brown

County, Minnesota will

meet in the Council

Chambers in the New

Ulm City Hall on Tues-

day, March 17, 2020 at

4:30 p.m. to consider

ordering in the follow-

ing improvements:

2020 Utility, Street

and Alley

Improvements –

Group I

1. Front Street from 3rd

South Street to 7th

South Street – Recon-

struction of the existing

water main, sanitary

sewer main, sewer and

water end services,

and reconstruction of

the existing roadway

section including ex-

cavation and replace-

ment of subgrade, ag-

gregate base, bitumi-

nous paving, pavement

subdrains, storm sewer

extension and inlet

structure reconstruc-

tion, concrete curb and

gutter, pedestrian side-

walk ramps, street

lighting and selective

replacement of con-

crete driveway pave-

ment and sidewalk.

2. Second North Street

from State Street to

Franklin Street – One

block of water main

construction, recon-

struction of the existing

sanitary sewer main,

sewer and water end

services, and recon-

struction of the existing

roadway section in-

cluding excavation and

replacement of

subgrade, aggregate

base, bituminous pav-

ing, concrete curb and

gutter, concrete drive-

way pavement, pedes-

trian sidewalk ramps,

and selective replace-

ment of concrete side-


3. Palmer Avenue from

Highway 14 to 150 feet

South – Modify High-

way 14 roundabout,

construct water main,

sanitary sewer main

and roadway improve-

ments including con-

crete curb and gutter,

concrete sidewalk and

street lighting to serve

the National Guard Ar-

mory and FMS Site.

4. Front Street from 1st

North Street to 3rd

North Street – Recon-

struction of the existing

water main to increase

the available fire flow

rate in the area.

5. Storm Water Treat-

ment Pond in Oak

Bluffs Fourth Addition

– Pond excavation

clean out maintenance

to establish original


6. Concrete Sidewalk

and ADA Improve-

ments – NOTE: This

work is to compliment

the improvements

scheduled within the

2020 Surface Recon-

struction Project by

reconstructing pedes-

trian sidewalk ramps to

meet current ADA re-

quirements as per New

Ulm’s adopted ADA In-

ventory and Transition


7. Oak Street

right-of-way from Oak

Street to Raymond

Drive – Construct bi-

tuminous maintenance


pursuant to Minnesota

Statutes, Sections

429.011 to 429.111.

The area proposed to

be assessed for such

improvements is each

lot, piece and parcel of

property specially

benefited by said im-

provements. A rea-

sonable estimate of the

impact of the assess-

ment will be available

at the hearing. The to-

tal estimated cost of

the 2020 Utility, Street

and Alley Improve-

ments – Group Iproject

is $4,112,562.00.

Such persons as

desired to be heard

with reference to the

proposed improve-

ments will be heard at

this meeting.



Nicole L. Jorgensen

Finance Director

Dated at New Ulm,

Minnesota This 4th day

of February 2020.



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