Public notices


(February 26, March

4, 11, 2020)









Notice is hereby given

that the Board of Com-

missioners, Brown

County; New Ulm, MN

will accept sealed bids,

at the Office of the

County Administrator,

in the Brown County

Courthouse, New Ulm,

MN. until 10:00 a.m.

on the 1st day of

April, 2020, for the fol-

lowing project(s):

S.A.P. 008-610-031

Bridge Replacement

on CSAH 10 located 1

mile north of the south

county line.

Major quantities in-

clude: 1600 SY Re-

move Bituminous

Pavement, 1083 CY

Common Excavation, 1

LS Temporary Stream

Diversion System, 450

CY Aggregate Base

Class 5, 74 LF 12′ X 8′

Precast Concrete Box

Culvert, 2 Each 12′ X

8′ Precast Concrete

Box Culvert End Sec-

tions, 1 LS Remove

Existing Bridge, 490

CY Aggregate Backfill,

110 Ton Crushed Rock

1 1/2″ Minus, 195 LF

15″ CP Pipe Culvert

(Smooth), 150 Ton

Riprap Class II, 1 LS

Turf Establishment and

1975 SY Erosion Con-

trol Blanket. Plan and

proposal price is

$25.00 nonrefundable.

Plan, proposal and

specifications can be

examined and ob-

tained from the Brown

County Highway

Department, 1901 N.

Jefferson St., New

Ulm, MN. 56073,

ph#507-233-5700. A

check, draft or money

order in the amount

listed above, and pay-

able to the Brown

County Treasurer must

accompany requests

for plans and propo-


A bidder’s bond or a

certified check payable

to the Treasurer of

Brown County in the

amount of at least 5%

of the total amount bid

for each project must

be included.

Brown County

reserves the right to re-

ject any or all bids.

Dated: February 18,


Sam Hansen, County


Brown County, MN

Place Ad


A publication affidavit

is requested.


(February 19, 26,

March 11, 2020)








Notice is hereby given

that Citizens Bank Min-

nesota, 105 North Min-

nesota Street, New

Ulm, Brown County,

Minnesota 56073 has

made application to the

Minnesota Department

of Commerce and the

Federal Deposit In-

surance Corporation

for consent to acquire

through merger Farm-

ers State Bank of Wat-

kins, 170 Meeker Ave-

nue North, Watkins,

Meeker County, Min-

nesota 55389 and to

establish a detached

facility at 170 Meeker

Avenue North, Wat-

kins, Meeker County,

Minnesota 55389 (DF

1436). It is contem-

plated that business lo-

cations of the merged

banks will continue to

be operated. The appli-

cations were made

pursuant to Minn. Stat.

secs. 49.33 to 49.41,

and 47.51 to 47.57

plus sec. 18(c) of the

Federal Deposit In-

surance Act. The

above applications

were filed with the Min-

nesota Department of

Commerce on Febru-

ary 10, 2020.

This notice is being

published in the Eden

Valley Watkins Voice

on February 19, Febru-

ary 26, and March 11,

2020 and in the New

Ulm Journal on Febru-

ary 19, February 26,

and March 11, 2020.

Any person, bank, or

other financial institu-

tion has a right to file

written communication

in favor of or against

the applications

described above. Writ-

ten comments will be-

come a part of the pub-

lic record on the appli-

cations and should be

addressed to:


Minnesota Department

of Commerce Division

of FinancialInstitutions

85 7th Place East,

Suite 280 St. Paul,


James D. LaPierre,

Regional Director

Federal Deposit In-

surance Corporation

1100 Walnut Street,

Suite 2100

Kansas City, Missouri


Written comments to

the Minnesota Depart-

ment of Commerce

must be received

within fifteen (15)

calendar days after the

publication date in

Watkins, Minnesota

pursuant to Minn. Stat.

sec. 47.54. An admin-

istrative hearing in ac-

cordance with the pro-

visions of the Admin-

istrative Procedure Act,

Minn. Stat. Chap. 14,

may be ordered at the

discretion of the Com-

missioner to hear tes-

timony and to take evi-

dence in favor of or

against the applica-

tions. In addition, the

nonconfidential sec-

tions of the applica-

tions are available for

review at the Minneso-

ta Department of Com-

merce in St. Paul. For

an appointment for

public review or for in-

formation on copies

and related charges,

please telephone (651)

539-1714 during nor-

mal business hours of

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Any person wishing to

comment on this appli-

cation may file his or

her comments in writ-

ing with the Regional

Director of the Federal

Deposit Insurance Cor-

poration at its regional

office located at 1100

Walnut Street, Suite

2100, Kansas City,

Missouri 64106 not

later than March 20,

2020. The

non-confidential por-

tions of the application

are on file in the re-

gional office and are

available for public in-

spection during regular

business hours. Pho-

tocopies of the

non-confidential portion

of the application file

will be made available

upon request.

Citizens Bank Min-


105 North Minnesota

Street New Ulm, Min-

nesota 56073

Brown County

Minnesota Bank Char-

ter 787

FDIC Certificate No.



(February 26, 2020)




Notice is hereby given

to all the residents of

Sigel Township, Coun-

ty of Brown and in the

State of Minnesota that

the Sigel Township An-

nual Meeting will be

held on Tuesday,

March 10, 2020 at the

David Hoffmann farm

19995 200th Av, New

Ulm MN. The annual

meeting will com-

mence at 7:30 pm to

conduct all necessary

business prescribed by


In case of inclement

weather, the meeting

may be postponed until

the third Tuesday in


By Clerk, Rose



(February 26, 2020)

Notice to Cambria

Township Annual


The citizens of Cam-

bria are hereby notified

that the Township An-

nual Meeting will be

held on Tuesday,

March 10th, at 7:30

p.m., at the Cambria

Town Hall. In case of

inclement weather, the

meeting will then be

held on Tuesday,

March 17th, at said

time and place.

Brenda Thorson

Cambria Township



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