Public notices


(February 28, 2019)






Notice is hereby given

that the Brown County

Planning Commission,

in and for the County of

Brown, will conduct

certain public hearings

as follows:

9:10 Preliminary Plat



Application filed by

Nathan Gieseke of

Central Region Coop

on property owned by

Central Region Coop

know as Central Re-

gion Essig Addition

(Lot 1 2.37 Acres, Lot 2

0.90 Acres, Lot 3 0.75

Acres) on property

described as Lots 8A,

9, 10 and 11, of ware-

house Lots, Lots A And

B of Government Lot 1,

Lots A And B of

Government Lot 2, and

Lot 2, Block 1, Carl’s

Corner First Subdivi-

sion, Township 110N,

Range 31W, Milford

Township, Brown

County, Minnesota. All

located in the I-1 Limit-

ed Industry Zoning Dis-

trict. Parcels being

platted are a reorgani-

zation of the existing

platted lots to facilitate

an impending sale.

Notice is further given

that the above hear-

ings will be held by the

Brown County Plan-

ning Commission on

Tuesday March 12th

beginning at 9:00 AM

in the Commissioners

Room 204 of the

Brown County Court-

house, New Ulm, Min-

nesota at which time

you may appear if you

so desire, either in per-

son or by agent or at-

torney, in opposition to

or support of the pro-

posed Plat or Condi-

tional Use Permits.

Hearings of these ap-

peals are not limited to

those receiving copies

of this Notice, and if

you know of any neigh-

bor or affected property

owner who, for any

reason, has not re-

ceived a copy, it would

be appreciated if you

would inform them of

this public hearing.

A copy of each pro-

posed request is on file

in the Brown County

Planning & Zoning Of-

fice, Brown County

Courthouse, 14 South

State Street, New Ulm,

Minnesota, and may

be viewed during regu-

lar business hours. If

you have any concerns

over the proposed use

of the property, then

please submit your in-

put either in person or

in writing to the Plan-

ning Commission.


Brown County Plan-

ning & Zoning Com-


By Laine Sletta