Public notices


(November 29, De-

cember 6, 13, 2018)



In the Matter of

the Redetermination of

Benefits of

Brown County Ditch

System 45 and 60

Whereas, The Brown

County Drainage Au-

thority, has appointed

viewers to redetermine

the benefits and dam-

ages for County Ditch

45 in Home Township,

consider corrections to

the original descrip-

tions made at the time

County Ditch 45 was

constructed, and to

redetermine the bene-

fits and damages for

County Ditch 60 in

Prairieville and

Leavenworth Township

in Brown County, and

whereas, the Viewer’s

report for the Redeter-

mination of Benefits

has been filed with the

County Auditor,


Notice is hereby given

that the Drainage Au-

thority will hear public

comment on the ac-

ceptance of the

redetermination on CD

45 at 1:00 p.m.

Redetermination of

Benefits will follow on

CD 60 at 1:15 p.m at

the Brown County

Courthouse, 14 South

State, New Ulm, Min-

nesota on December

18th, 2018. All per-

sons interested in

these proceedings and

wanting to be heard

should appear at this

time. If accepted, the

redetermined benefits

will replace those now

being used and all fu-

ture maintenance ex-

penses will be as-

sessed based upon the

redetermined benefits.