Public notices


(November 14, 2018)

School Board


Independent School

District No. 88

New Ulm, Minnesota

The school board of In-

dependent School Dis-

trict 88 met in regular

session on September

27, 2018 in the District

Boardroom. Members

present: Ringhofer,

Schiro, Sunderman,

Waloch, Winter,

Dewanz, and Gag.

Meeting called to order

by Chair Winter.

1. Sunderman/Dewanz

approval of agenda

with supplement.(7-0)

2. Waloch/Dewanz ap-

proval of minutes. (7-0)

3. Gag/Waloch appro-

val of consent agenda.



Superintendent’s, Staff

Development, Com-

munity Education,

River Bend and An-


5. MDE Special Educa-

tion Certificate was

presented to ISD 88.

6. Schiro/Sunderman

approval of bills for au-

dit, acceptance of

budget report. (7-0)

7. Gag/Dewanz appro-

val of levy certification.


8. A second policy

reading was held.

9. Sunderman/Schiro

adoption of revised pol-

icies: #506 & #730.


10. Ringhofer/Dewanz

acceptance of dona-

tions. (7-0)

11. Dewanz/Waloch

adjournment at 6:35

p.m. (7-0)

Complete minutes and

documents are avail-

able for review in the

superintendent’s office,

District Offices, 414 S

Payne Street, New

Ulm, Minnesota. A digi-

tal recording of board

proceedings is avail-

able by contacting the

superintendent’s office.

Independent School

District #88

New Ulm, Minnesota

By: Steve Gag, Clerk