Public notices


(February 15, 22,

March 1, 8, 15, 22,






NOTICE IS hereby

given that default has

occurred in the condi-

tions of that certain

mortgage dated May 1,

2009, given to secure

an original principal

amount of $95,500.00

executed by Anthony

Falk, a single person,

as mortgagor (s), to the

United States of Ameri-

ca, acting through the

Rural Housing Service,

formerly known as

Farmers Home Ad-

ministration, United

States Department of

Agriculture, Mortgagee,

and duly recorded with

the Office of the Coun-

ty Recorder of Brown

County, Minnesota on

May 5, 2009, as Docu-

ment Number 371414.

No action or proceed-

ing has been instituted

at law or otherwise to

recover the debt

secured by said mort-

gage or any part

thereof: all

pre-foreclosure notice

requirements have

been complied with.

There is due and

claimed to be due on

the mortgage and the

note secured thereby,

including interest,

taxes, and fees to the

date of this notice, the

sum of One Hundred

Forty seven

thousand eight hun-

dred forty-seven dol-

lars and 04/100

(147,847.04). Pursuant

to the power of sale

therein contained, said

mortgage will be fore-

closed and the tract of

land lying and being lo-

cated in the County of

Brown, Minnesota,

described as follows:

Legal description:

Lot Six(6), Block

Nine(9), Hyland Addi-

tion, City of Springfield,

Brown County, Min-

nesota. (abstract)

Property address:

415 S. Paffrath,

Springfield, MN


Parcel ID:

will be sold by the

Sheriff of Brown

County at public auc-

tion on the 26th day of

April, 2018, at 10:00

am. o’clock in the

County Sheriff’s Office

in New Ulm, MN, to

pay the debt then

secured by said mort-

gage, taxes, if any on

said premises, and the

costs and disburse-

ments allowed by law,

subject to redemption

within Six (6) months

from said date of sale.

At the time of the com-

mencement of said

mortgage foreclosure

proceedings said lands

were not agricultural

lands as defined by the

Minnesota Omnibus

Farm Act, Laws of

1986, Chapter 398.

The date on or before

which the mortgage

must vacate the pro-

perty if the mortgage is

not reinstated or the

property redeemed, the

time is 11:59 p.m. on

(October 26, 2018)

Dated: February 7,


United States of Ameri-


By Richard Cohen,

Section Head, Collec-

tion Default Manage-

ment Branch, Acting

on behalf of The Rural

Housing Service (Suc-

cessor in interest to the

Farmers Home Ad-


U.S. Dept. of Agricul-