Public Notices, April 4, 2016


(March 28, April 4, 11,




In the Matter of the

Redetermination of

Benefits of

Brown County Ditch

20, 33, 44 and 64

Whereas, The Brown

County Drainage Au-

thority, has appointed

viewers to redetermine

the benefits and dam-

ages for Brown County

Ditch 20, 33, 44 and 64

in Albin, Home and

Mulligan Township in

Brown County, and

whereas, the Viewer’s

report for the Redeter-

mination of Benefits

has been filed with the

County Auditor,


Notice is hereby given

that the Drainage Au-

thority will hear public

comment on the ac-

ceptance of the

redetermination of

benefits on these ditch

systems beginning at

11:00 a.m. at the

Brown County Court-

house, 14 South State,

New Ulm, Minnesota

on April 19, 2016. All

persons interested in

the redetermination of

benefits wanting to be

heard should appear at

this time. If accepted,

the redetermined bene-

fits will replace those

now being used and all

future maintenance ex-

penses will be as-

sessed based upon the

redetermined benefits.