Court proceedings

Brown County District Court

• Cheryl Rose Mussehl, 68, Sleepy Eye, was charged with felony 2nd and 3rd-degree burglary and misdemeanor theft Feb. 8.

According to court documents, Sleepy Eye Police Officer Elliott Waterbury took a Jan. 13 phone call from a man who said he thought someone was in his apartment while he was away at work. The man said he noticed things missing from his apartment after coming home from work.

Later, officer Peter McGarry got a call from the man who said he checked with his neighbor who had video footage of a person coming up stairs towards his apartment and identified the suspect as Mussehl and another man.

The man said he thought his front door was damaged from the couple trying to enter his apartment including damage to a door knob, door frame trim and a door dent.

Video showed a woman, officer Waterbury recognized as Mussehl, from other contacts, walking down stairs with items in her hands.

Officer Waterbury tried to contact a male suspect at his Sleepy Eye apartment when a female walked by and said the man and Mussehl were not home. The female gave officer Waterbury a phone number and said she recently used it to talk to the male suspect.

Officer Waterbury called the number and talked to a man who said he didn’t know where Mussehl was and refused to give out her phone number. Officer Waterbury said he wanted to talk to the man and Mussehl about them going into her old apartment without permission and taking items. The man said the items belonged to Mussehl.

Officer Waterbury said the couple didn’t have to talk to him but he was going to write a report and send it off for burglary charges.

The next day, Officer Waterbury learned from a day shift officer that the male suspect and Mussehl called about the incident and said they didn’t know anything about it. The day officer said the couple could call officer Waterbury after 4 p.m. Officer Waterbury did not receive a call from Mussehl or the man that evening.


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