Brown County Record

(All charges are petty misdemeanors unless otherwise noted)


Beau R. Brinkman, 57635 422nd St., New Ulm, 65/55, $125; Chris A. Richert, 33623 230th St., Sleepy Eye, 65/55, $125; Felipe M. Aguilar, 905 1st St. N., St. James, 70/60, $125; Amy L. Arndt, 65/55, $125; Sabrina P. Bolster, 329 Main St. E., Sleepy Eye, 70/60, $125; Cindy L. Helget, 18000 268th Ave., Sleepy Eye, 67/55, $135; Alexis K. Heuer, Jordan, 65/55, $125; Sara D. Quiring, 38432 630th Ave., Butterfield, 91/55, $385; also operate any vehicle carelessly on street or highway, $100; Lena L. Schmitz, Roberts, Wi., 70/60, $125; Trevor J. Shereck, Bagley, 74/60, $135; Megan E. Stevens, 400 1st Ave. N., Sleepy Eye, 65/55, $125; Joshua W. Aden, Reedsville, Wi., 47/30, $145; Kaiden M. Hammerschmidt, 66/50, 4 Woodland Dr., New Ulm, $145; Braxten M. Hoffmann, 20462 140th Ave., New Ulm, 46/30, $145; Cory J. Koch, 301 Heideman Ave., Nicollet, 42/30, $135; Michael J. Vetter, 1119 State St. N., New Ulm, $135; Logan C. Richert, 33623 230th St., Sleepy Eye, 65/55, $125.


Corine L. White, 327 Payne St. S., New Ulm, $1,010; 365 days local confinement, 350 days stayed for 3 years supervised probation; complete chemical health assessment, pay fee, follow all recommendations; no alcohol/controlled substance use, complete DWI Impact Panel, pay fee; gross misdemeanor.


Veronica Lozoya, 1219 Jefferson St. S., New Ulm, $575; stay of adjudication, 6 days local confinement, credit for 6 days served; 2 years supervised probation, complete domestic-violence specific counseling, follow recommendations, no threats of violence, no contact with victims, restitution by work service, 15 days for indeterminate; also disorderly conduct $335; 2 days local confinement, credit for 2 days served; 1 year supervised probation, misdemeanor;


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