Court Proceedings

Brown County

District Court

• Two misdemeanor domestic assault charges and one disorderly conduct charge were filed Monday against Jason N. Neal, 40, 1000 N. Jefferson St., New Ulm. New Ulm Police were called to a domestic between a father and child at 4:09 p.m., Aug. 22.

At the scene, police saw a man standing near the residence door, identified as Neal, who told police he could take the juvenile and go. Police saw a person identified as the juvenile’s mother, standing outside.

Neal told police he got into an argument with the juvenile and admitted screaming at them, grabbing the juvenile’s arm, grabbed a metal water bottle and threatened to hit the juvenile with it.

The juvenile said Neal grabbed her purse that was around her body and broke a strap, then grabbed her and tried pushing her down the stairs, then hit her in the upper part of her back.

Neal was arrested and taken to the Brown County Law Enforcement Center. The juvenile is a family or household member under the state definition, in that they are parent and child and reside together or have resided together in the past.

A Zoom bail hearing was set for 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.


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