Court Proceedings

Brown County

District Court

• Connor T. Portner, 22, 1 Highland Ave. N., New Ulm, was charged with felony fifth-degree drug possession-not small amount of marijuana, misdemeanor drug possession over 1.4 grams marijuana in motor vehicle and open bottle possession Tuesday.

According to court documents, New Ulm Police saw a suspicious person in a blacked-out vehicle in the former Target parking lot at 10:32 p.m., Nov. 2. A man was sitting in the vehicle with all the lights off. Police approached the vehicle, a man opened a window and police noticed a marijuana odor coming from the vehicle and identified the man as Portner, who admitted to possessing six or seven grams of marijuana in the vehicle.

Police searched the vehicle and found a small, green glass pipe and an opened, small glass bottle of tequila and a large blue and black glass pipe. The pipe contained marijuana residue. Police found three, small cardboard containers with the brand name of DANK vapes: Orange Cookies, Birthday Cake and Purple Punch. Portner said they were just vape cartridges.

Police later confirmed the cartridges were all THC vials. The Orange Cookies contained 90.43% THC, Birthday Cake 92.09% THC and Purple Punch 92.23% THC. The Birthday Cake had a ful vial that contained one gram. There were four vials. The other three each contained some THC oil but only partially full. Police estimated the total weight of the THC oil at 1.5 grams.

Police found a small, plastic box with a clear, plastic baggie with several large buds, later weighed at 7.03 grams. A blas, cylindrical-shaped “grinder” and a second black cylindrical contained contained a marijuana nugget later weighed at .5 grams. The grinder contents weighed .52 grams. The total raw marijuana weight was 8.15 grams.

Portner was arrested. The marijuana oil and raw marijuana were later tested with a Nark 2 test kit and showed positive THC results.

Sibley County

District Court

• Sandy B. Castillo, 31, Winthrop, pleaded guilty, an Alford plea, to gross misdemeanor wrongfully obtaining assistance-theft Oct. 31. The Court stayed adjudication of sentence and she was placed on 1 year probation. Conditions include paying $11,841.83 restitution, which she has already done; pay $85 in costs, to 30 hours of Sentence to Service of Community Work Service, be decertified from public assistance for 1 year.


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