Court Proceedings

Brown County

District Court

• Jeffrey S. Risen, 49, 20988 Highway 15, New Ulm, was charged with felony threats of violence and gross misdemeanor intent to injure Tuesday. According to court documents, Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Fairbairn was made aware of an animal dispute that Sgt. Ron Bentz earlier responded to at Skyview Mobile Villa, near New Ulm. Bentz told Fairbairn two neighbors were arguing over a black kitten earlier in the evening. Bentz said he was called from an alleged victim who said things escalated to the point she was threatened by her neighbor, Risen.

At the scene, Risen told Fairbairn “I said if you keep coming in my yard and F@#$ing stealing my cats, and I said I’ll shoot ya, but I was mad.” Risen said he was upset that the alleged victim took a black kitten from his property.

The alleged victim told Fairbairn she found a little, black stray kitten when she got her mail early in the day after seeing it in the road and took it home. She said Risen accused her of stealing his cat, was extremely upset and called her “the devil,” that she was “evil” and swore at her several times.

The woman said she released the kitten outside after the argument and told Risen which direction it went when he allegedly threatened to shoot her if she came on his property.

Risen, who admitted to drinking, was handcuffed, searched and transported to the Brown County Jail. He provided a Preliminary Breath Test that read .097.

• Andrew S. Christensen, 35, 514 N. State Street, New Ulm, was charged Tuesday with felony third-degree drug possession in a school and park zone, felony fifth-degree drug possession-not small amount of marijuana and misdemeanor fleeing a peace officer by means other than a motor vehicle.

According to court documents, New Ulm Police were on patrol southbound on Broadway in the turn lane to head east at 1st Street South at 12:36 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 27 when a older, dark-colored pickup traveled past. Police were aware that the registered vehicle owner had a suspended license.

Police recognized the driver as Borion Villa as he passed and he had a front and rear passenger. Police verified the driver’s status was still suspended and followed it to 514 N. State St. where it was parked. Police verified the driver as Villa and identified the other two males as Christensen and another man.

Police noticed Villa was very close to St. Anthony’s School, Cathedral High School and Washington Park and that he appeared to be “high” or under the influence of some sort of drug as his pupils were very dilated and he had bloodshot eyes.

Villa told police there was a meth pipe in the vehicle. While searching the other man, Christensen took off running east across the street, next to St. Michael’s Apartments. He ran into a clothesline, his head was jerked back, he cleared himself and kept running east in the darkness until he slid and/or tripped and was arrested near the alley.

Police recovered a small zip lock baggie and what appeared to be two large rocks of methamphetamine and a powder/crushed meth near a garage, on the path where Christensen earlier ran. Officers weighed the suspect meth at 5.3 grams. An NIK test kit tested positive for meth.


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