Court Proceedings

Brown County

District Court

• Daniel R. Sargent, 19, Montgomery, was charged with felony third-degree burglary, felony theft and gross misdemeanor third-degree damage to property according to court documents filed Tuesday.

Springfield Police were advised June 10 of a burglary the previous night at the Riverside Park concession building. Police went to Riverside Park and met with a witness who said someone pried open a roll-up window and got inside. It appeared someone tried to kick in a door and large amounts of soft drinks, candy and baseball gear were taken. An itemized list of stolen property totaled $1,114. Building damage was estimated at $810.39.

On June 12, police were told by a caller that a person was at Sticker Field South with some youths that were playing with some of the items stolen from the Riverside Park baseball complex. At the field, police identified both parties from previous incidents as Daniel R. Sargent and another youth. Police asked to see Sargent’s mitt and noticed “Town Team” written on it. A baseball matched the description of green lettered Legion stamped baseballs reported stolen. One of the youths admitted to having stolen property in his vehicle.

Sargent told police they hit some balls into the water at Mounds Creek. He was summoned to appear in court at 8:30 a.m., Aug. 27.

• Nathaniel S. Ruiz, 30, 1100 16th St. N., New Ulm, was charged with gross misdemeanor domestic assault-subsequent violation Friday. According to court documents, New Ulm Police were dispatched to 1100 16th St. N. on Aug. 6 for a report of an unwanted person with a warrant at an apartment.

At the apartment, the caller told police she didn’t feel safe with him in the apartment. It appeared a person was trying to hide from police and was up against the wall. Police asked him his name and he said “A.J.” who police recognized as Ruiz.

Police handcuffed Ruiz, told him he was under arrest for a warrant and transported him to the Brown County Evaluation Center. Ruiz gave a preliminary breath sample that showed a .149 alcohol content.

The caller told police Ruiz hurt her on Friday night when they got into an argument and she was afraid it would escalate to that tonight, so she called. The caller said last Friday night, Ruiz pulled her into her bedroom, held her down and had his arms around her neck, didn’t choke her but she couldn’t move and was in pain.

The caller said she kicked Ruiz and was able to get loose, ran out of the apartment, he followed her, but she was unable to call police because he took her phone. She said she ran outside and asked a neighbor for help.

Ruiz’ criminal history showed a domestic assault conviction in 2014 in Hamilton, Iowa County District Court. He was in custody in the Brown County Jail.