Court Proceedings

Brown County

District Court

• Juan F. Oliverez, 56, 109 1st Ave. S.E., Fairfax, was charged with felony threats of violence in Brown County District Court June 15. According to court documents, Sleepy Eye Police got a phone call at 3:07 p.m., June 14 from a man who said he tried to call the fire department but couldn’t reach them. He said sparks were coming out a kitchen outlet and it was smoking. Firefighters were dispatched to 412 Maple St. S.W., Sleepy Eye.

At the residence, police didn’t notice any smoke but an outlet cover had a black spot on it. There was an extension cord on the kitchen floor below the outlet. Police asked what the cord was for and was told it was used because there was no power in part of the residence.

Police called a Sleepy Eye Fire Chief and was told the electricity will be turned off and the house won’t be livable. Police called Brown County Family Services as the renters said they had no where to go. The fire chief called the American Red Cross.

The family told police the house is owned by Oliverez who lives in Fairfax. Police learned the fire chief contacted Oliverez and he called and left a message on a woman’s phone. She said she and her family were threatened by Oliverez, that he was going to call the “Zetas” and have her killed, drag her out of the house and beat up her fiancé.

Sleepy Eye Police contacted Fairfax Police to see if contact could be made with Oliverez, that he could be arrested for threats of violence and he would meet him halfway. Fairfax police called back and said Oliverez would be brought to the Sleepy Eye Police Dept.

Sleepy Eye Police interviewed Oliverez who admitted yelling at the Sleepy Eye woman but nothing else. Oliverez claimed his Sleepy Eye tenants don’t pay rent and owe him lots of money.