Court Proceedings

Brown County

District Court

• Nicholas N. Kruse, 24, 112 S. Spring St., Springfield, was charged with felony 4th-degree marijuana sale in a park zone and 5th-degree marijuana mixture sale except small amount with no remuneration March 14.

According to court documents, a Brown-Lyon-Redwood-Renville County Drug Task Force agent was contacted on Aug. 8 by a confidential informant (CI) who said they could buy an eighth of marijuana from Kruse at his home located at 112 S. Spring St., in Springfield. The home is on a block adjacent to Brown’s Park.

The CI was fitted with an electronic recording/transmitting device and dropped off a few blocks from Kruse’s residence. Agents heard the CI complete a deal in Kruse’s bedroom and exit the house, then picked the CI up at a pre-determined location.