Court Proceedings

Brown County

District Court

• Miguel Delgado, 911 Spring St. N., New Ulm, was charged with felony 2nd degree assault-dangerous weapon and misdemeanor 5th degree assault-fear of bodily harm or death March 6. According to court documents, New Ulm Police met with Miguel Angel Heredia Delgado at 2:14 p.m., Dec. 10, 2017 in the Law Enforcement Center (LEC) regarding an assault.

Delgado told police he was assaulted a work by a co-worker who blind-sided him with a punch to his face, then ran from the scene. A short time later, police met with the victim at his residence and were told that the two men agreed to fight while leaving a restaurant, when Delgado grabbed a knife from the kitchen and threatened him with it. The victim said he punched Delgado in self defense and left the area to get away from him.

Police observed a surveillance video and noticed the victim in a back kitchen, running quickly toward an exit. Shortly after, Delgado entered the back kitchen, chasing the victim an grabbed what appeared to be a knife and continued chasing the victim. Several employees tried to diffuse the situation.

Delgado was summoned to appear in court at 8:30 a.m., March 27.