SE bar and grill wants Sunday a.m. liquor sales

SLEEPY EYE — Dawg Haus Bar & Grill owners Geneva and John Bendix recently requested the Sleepy Eye City Council amend city code to allow Sunday liquor sales to begin before noon.

The city council approved the first reading of such an ordinance Tuesday, motion by Councilor Nate Stevermer. Current city code does not allow Sunday liquor sales before noon.

One Sleepy Eye establishment that is not within city limits serves Sunday morning liquor.

Geneva Bendix said the Dawg Haus starts serving breakfast at 7 a.m.

“We get multiple guests that walk in and we can’t serve alcohol until noon. They pick up the phone and call a local establishment. We’re losing business because they’re able to go to the other establishment and order things like a bloody mary,” said Geneva Bendix.

She asked the city council to look at the 9 a.m. mark for the bar and grille to be able to serve a bloody mary or beer before a hockey or basketball game going on.

“Sometimes they come in during a break in the game. We end up losing a lot of business out the door because we can’t serve alcohol,” said Bendix.

“We get a lot of questions like why aren’t we serving alcohol when someone else is. People don’t always understand the rules and regulations that go along with serving,” she added.

John Bendix said he and his wife are just trying to have a surviving business especially with Sunday liquor sales.

Sleepy Eye Police Chief Matt Andres said he didn’t object to the first reading amending the liquor sales ordinance to allow Sunday morning sales.

The city council unanimously approved county round 33 and 34 project 008-633-004 to remove two inches of road and overlay two inches on Prescott Ave. N.W., 4th Ave. N.W. and Rice Street N.W. from U.S. Highway 14 to TH 4.

Brown County Highway Engineer Wayne Stevens said affected roadwork was done in 1999.

“This is a standard maintenance project. It’s not long-term project, like when you reconstruct roads like we did on First Avenue. We do these in between, then do a full reconstruct,” said Stevens.

He said Brown County will not charge anybody for the project. The City of Sleepy Eye plans to use reconstruction funds for the project.

“We plan to start the project in late May. We will send plans for approval for state aid. Then we’ll ask the county board to set a letting date, followed by five weeks of advertising before opening bids,” Stevens said.


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