FBI arrests Redwood Falls man on federal charges

Alleged member of Texas-based neo-Nazi extremist group

REDWOOD FALLS — The FBI arrested a 40-year-old Redwood Falls man at his workplace Wednesday for illegally possessing ammunition.

Following an FBI year-long anti-terrorist probe, Andrew David Munsinger was arrested on federal charges. He has prior methamphetamine sale convictions that bar him from firearms or ammunition possession.

Munsinger is in Sherburne County Jail custody. He appeared in federal court in St. Paul Wednesday where a judge ordered him to remain detained prior to Feb. 12 hearing and preliminary examination.

Several hours after Munsinger was arrested, a SWAT (special weapons and tactics) team entered his home and searched it in detail on East Flynn Street in Redwood Falls.

The FBI released a 32-page criminal complaint Wednesday that alleged Munsinger was a member of the Aryan Freedom Network (AFN), a Texas-based neo-Nazi and white supremacist group, according to the Minneapolis StarTribune.

An FBI special agent was tipped off by an informant last year that Munsinger was an AFN member.

The AFN describes itself as “committed to the interests, ideas, security and values of the White race, determined to protect our race from going into extinction.”

Paid informants recorded conversations and exchanged text messages with Munsinger within the past year in which he mentioned using and manufacturing firearms. He allegedly offered to build firearms and explosives for an informant, according to court documents.


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