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Baby Snooks and Daddy

Our Radio Cast will premiere their reproduction of Baby Snooks and Daddy on Sunday, April 4.

Baby Snooks and Daddy, Easter Suit, a fun 10-minute comedy where Daddy needs a new suit but will Snooks ever let him leave? Thankfully, Snooks asks all the Easter questions you may have, and Daddy has the answers!

The SST Radio Series is based on the 1940-50s radio shows. Scripts are read by actors and recorded into a show for viewing online. Unlike the radio shows of the 1940s, you’ll be able to watch the show on a screen with actors dressed to their parts.

Tickets to the show are available with a “donate what you like” to the theater.

Ticket Options:

• Click here to make a donation for a link to the show by selecting the day and time you would like to watch it.

• Email us by clicking here on how to make a donation and access the link.


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