NU Figure Skating Club results released

NEW ULM — New Ulm Figure Skating Club results from the Fall Festival last weekend at the New Ulm Civic Center have been released.

Results include #1 Girls Family Spotlight third; Evalyn Altmann, second, Stroking Delta; third Delta; Alaina Beranek third Couples Spotlight Lt. Ent. Low and fifth Alpha.

Kylie Berdan first Open Freestyle Bronze, second Footwork 3, third Solo Comp. FS3 and couples Spot Lt. Ent. Silver. Mollie Berdan first Freestyle 2, Couples Spot. Lt. Ent. Bronze, Solo Comp. FS 2, Rhythmic Hoop FS 2; third Footwork 2 and fourth Jump & Spin Bronze.

Caroline Borgen, first Char. Spot. Alpha; Elizabeth Borgen first Open FS Silver, Footwork 4, Couples Spot. Lt. Ent. Silver; and Lt. Ent. Spot FS 4; fourth Rhythmic Hoop FS4.

Sage Boyle second Char. Spot. FS4, third Footwork 4 and Rhythmic Ribbon FS4, fourth Interp. FS4; fifth Freestyle 4, sixth Jump & Spin Silver.

Descendent Divas fourth Ensemble.

Jenna Ebert first Rhythmic Ribbon FS 4; second Open FS Silver.

Calleigh Frederickson third Footwork 3, Stroking FS 3; fifth Rhythmic Ribbon FS 3, Open FS Bronze; sixth Jump & Spin silver. Natalia Frederickson second Char. Spot. Delta; fifth Delta.

Chloe Gilles second Stroking Pre Alpha; fourth Pre Alpha.

Kassidi Gomez first Open FS Silver; third Drama Spot. FS4; fourth Artistic FS4; fifth Lt. Ent. Spot. FS4.

Ashley Harris first Artistic FS6 and Open FS Gold.

MacKenzie Havemeier fourth Stroking Delta; fifth Lt. Ent. Spot. Delta; sixth Delta.

Elizabeth Herzog first Stroking Pre Alpha; second Pre Alpha.

Ellie Hoffmann first Couples Spot. Lt. Ent. Bronze, Char. Spot. FS3, Stroking FS3; second Lt. Ent FS3; third Interp. FS3; fourth Freestyle 3, Jump & Spin Bronze. Emma Hoffmann fist Rhythmic Hoop FS4, Interp. FS4, Artistic FS4; second Open FS Silver, Rhythmic Ribbon FS4; third Couples Spot. Lt. Ent. Silver; fifth Jump & Spin Silver.

Adalyn Jensen, first Rhythmic Hoop FS1; second Footwork 1, Interp. FS1; third Couples Spot. Lt. Ent. Bronze; fourth Lt. Ent. Spot. FS1, Freestyle 1, Solo Comp FS1; fifth Jump & Spin Bronze.

Allee Johnson first Open FS Silver, Interp. FS4; second Lt. Ent. Spot. FS4, Rhythmic Hoop FS4, Artistic FS4. Hannah Johnson second Tot 3; Lexi Johnson second Artistic FS5, Open FS Silver; fourth Freestyle 5.

Matalyne Jones first Stroking Delta, Delta, Solo Comp. Delta; fourth Lt. Ent. Spot Delta.

Miranda Konakowitz first Footwork 2, Lt. Ent. Spot. FS2; fifth Freestyle 2.

Madonna fist Team Comp. 4.

Meghan Martin, second Solo Comp. FS4; third Char. Spot. FS4, Freestyle 4; fifth Interp. FS4.

Keira McCabe, second Rhythmic Hoop FS1; third Couples Spot. Lt. Ent. Bronze, fifth Jump & Spin Bronze; sixth Open FS Bronze.

Olivia Owens second Couples Spot. Lt. Ent. Silver; Open FS Silver. Sydney Owens, first Couples Spot. Lt. Ent. Silver; fourth Freestyle 4.

Sakura Price second Beta. Grace Rathmann second Alpha.

Cassy Rewitzer second Char. Spot. Alpha; third Couples Spot. Lt. Ent. Low; sixth Alpha.

Tatiana Rolloff third Interp. FS4; fifth Open FS Silver, Rhythmic Hoop FS4, Jump & Spin Silver.

Addison Rustin first Couples Spot. Lt. Ent. Silver; third Open FS Silver. Alexis Rustin third Artistic FS4; fourth Open FS Silver.

Lauryn Schulz second Alpha; third Stroking Alpha.

Scooby Doo first Theater Production.

Delaney Sellner fourth Alpha.

Ella Stangel third Rhythmic Hoop FS2. Emmie Stangel fourth Rhythmic Ribbon FS3; fifth Freestyle 3.

Taylor Swift first Team Comp. 6. Team Frederickson fourth Family Spotlight; Team Borgen first Family Spotlight. The Original VKs first Ensemble.

Malia Wagner first Open FS Silver, second Solo Comp FS5, Couples Spot. Lt. Ent. Silver.

Isabelle Webb third Artistic FS4.

Helen Worm first Stroking Delta, fifth Delta. Meredith Worm scratch Tot 3.

Annika Wyffels first Couples Spot. Lt. Ent. Silver; third Interp. FS2; fifth Open FS Bronze.


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