Off the Shelf: Libraries Rock! Summer Reading Program 2018

Off the Shelf

We’re going to rock around the library,

Rock this summer come and see.

The reading program starts June 4th,

Kids will come from the south and the north

They’ll read lots of books and mark their sheets to keep track,

And when they’re done they will come right back

Come on in that Monday between 12 & 4.

The Music Hall of Fame will be opening its door.

The Historical Society will open at 1.

They will be free and interesting and fun.

Dick Kimmel and Lori Jean will do their thing.

Join the group to hear them sing.

The Children’s Room will have a small stage

Designed for performers of every age.

Come on Tuesday afternoons at 2,

See what our local folks can do.

If you have a musical talent to share,

Please sign up and perform there.

Storytime is Monday mornings at 10,

Wednesday nights at 6:30 we do it again.

You will hear our favorite book choices,

And silly songs and silly voices.

It’s full of action and full of fun,

Made to entertain everyone

Rocks are fun to decorate.

Mark your calendars for June 28.

And the 12th, 19th and 26th of July,

Paints and brushes will be supplied.

Down in the meeting room at 1,

Paint that rock till you are done.

Have you ever wanted to bang a drum?

You can do it if you come

On Tuesday nights at 6:30,

Bring yourself and your energy.

June 12th & 19th are dates we meet,

July 17th, 24th & 31 to keep the beat.

If you really like to build,

Our Thursday mornings will be filled

With Lego lovers big and small,

Make your creations, short or tall.

Building will begin at 10,

We sure hope to see you then.

Scott Kudelka with the DNR

Is a New Ulm Library “rock” star.

“Wild About Wildlife”‘ and “Archery”

“Geocaching” and “Nature Photography,”

“Animal Tracks and Signs” are all

On the library website (or give us a call!)

TdS is bringing us three big shows,

Check online for more info.

June 15 at 3 for Punk Skunks,

June 21 at 3 for Funk Junk,

July 11 at 10 for Art with Anjee,

Hope you will come to all three.

Battle of the Books is an opportunity

For kids (8+) to get four books for free.

They have two months to read the books,

Then give them second and third looks.

The kids are put on teams where they compete

On August 4th over in St. Peter.

The Summer Reading Program at the Library

Will have an awesome finale!

Peter Johnson will bring his science show

August 1 at 6:30, then you will know

More about sound and what we hear,

So come on in and raise a cheer.

Go to our webpage to see what’s in store.

You’ll find all this and a little bit more.

There’s a spot to sign up babies and teens,

And everyone who is in-between.

Library Events Registration will drop down.

You sign up like other activities in town,

And you will rock, rock, rock the library!