Biden initiative boosts soy products

Earlier this month, President Biden signed an executive order launching a national biotechnology and biomanufacturing initiative that contains many provisions important to U.S. soybean farmers, including actions that will support improved markets for biobased products, create greater access to biotechnology, and encourage research and development supporting the “bioeconomy,” or economic activity derived from biotechnology and biomanufacturing.

There are nearly 1,000 soy biobased products available in today’s industrial and consumer markets, but soy growers have the capacity to expand production of new, more sustainable inputs and products.

“This announcement puts in place steps that will help our industry continue to use soybeans to develop innovative, sustainable products that can help lower greenhouse gas emissions and create more jobs for not only agriculture but all Americans,” ASA President Brad Doyle said in a news release. “We are also pleased to see included measures that support agricultural biotechnology regulatory reform, along with quite a few other provisions.”


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