Sleepy Eye FFA attends Timberland Leadership Camp

The Sleepy Eye Chapter Officer Team hiked up to Mount Tom along with the other campers on the last full day of the camp. Pictured left to right: front- Kalli Christensen. Middle- Juan Cortez, Abigail Hoffmann, Martina Nienhaus, Cali Rossbach, Edwin Flores. Back- Isaac Hurias, Maranda Braulick, Cassidy Hoffmann, Macy Schenk, McKenna Dockter, Brittney Dittbenner.

Twenty-seven Sleepy Eye FFA members attended Timberland Leadership Camp at Sibley State Park, near New London, June 4-7. Sleepy Eye FFA Advisors, Mary Hoffmann and Nathan McMullen, along with the Sleepy Eye Summer Intern, Donavan Phoenix attended the camp. Members from the Tracy, RTR, and Marshall FFA were also in attendance at this camp with Sleepy Eye.

While at the leadership camp, FFA members got to experience a variety of things including, get to know each other activities, trust activities on the ropes courses at the Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center, a hike to Mount Tom, and sessions about goals and opportunities in FFA.

Camp-goers learned about different activities that other FFA chapters put on and different things in FFA that they can become involved in, such as, Career Development Events (CDE’s) and Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE’s). Teamwork was also an important thing members learned about at the camp. Members of each chapter also conducted their own ceremonies as they raised and lowered the flag each day at camp. Campers could also canoe, swim, play volleyball, or try other fun activities in their free time.

Also in the attendance of the leadership camp were the six State FFA Officers: President, Grace Taylor; Vice President, Kegan Zimmerman; Secretary, Laura Church; Treasurer, Adam Kroll; Reporter, Lauralee Eaton; and Sentinel, James Mathiowetz as well as all of the Region Presidents. They led sessions with activities regarding FFA opportunities, recruitment, and how to represent yourself on social media. Region officers, Andrea Escher and Kailey Beermann also attended the camp and led a session about the different types of SAE’s and the importance of keeping records.

On the last night of the camp, a banquet was held by the newly elected camp officers. The camp officers from Sleepy Eye included Morgan Hoffmann, Crystal Hecht, Millicent Sorenson, and Presley Dockter. Following the banquet, FFA members gathered for the camp talent show, more activities, and finally, a dance.

Timberland Leadership Camp was a fantastic opportunity for all who attended. Camp-goers will be forever grateful for being able to meet new people, create new friendships, grow as a person, try new things, set goals, and learn more about opportunities in FFA.