Above: (1) Finding this metal sign could be difficult, but notice how the letters are dug out?
Left: (2) Costello: Who’s standing on this line right now? Abbott: No, he’s not there yet. The season won’t start until spring.
(4) Located off the Main drag, but this east facing window is likely the 1st example of stained glass Courtland residents think of.
(3) Open this door to get a little reading done. This is a sunflower doorknob, but a dandelion might be more appropriate.
(5) This simple lock is of towering importance.
(6) The 100 year-old vehicle in a residential area known for its shade.
(7) This history poster is located in the window of one of the few places a person could buy an actual crowbar.
(8) This old building is Legen—dairy!


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