Hand-crafting greeting cards ‘a good pastime’

Lois Schorn shows off some of the greeting cards she hand-crafted through the years.

Lois Schorn has moved around a lot over the past 23 years, from Minnesota to Arkansas to Arizona and back to Minnesota.

Throughout that time, however, one thing has remained consistent. Since 2001, Schorn has been hand-crafting greeting cards for others to enjoy.

The 87-year-old Schorn cuts, stamps, and crafts cards for all occasions and holidays from her home in the Garden Terrace Apartments and sells them at the Gypsy Girl Consignment Boutique on North Minnesota Avenue in New Ulm.

Schorn started off with hand-embroidered cards, but has expanded to including stamps and cuttings in her designs over the years.

Schorn began the hobby after the passing of her husband in May of 2001 as something to fill the time while she was living in New Ulm. Schorn continued to craft and sell her cards through moves to Arkansas and Arizona, where she picked up some ideas from a craft group called Crafty Ladies to improve her cards. Schorn moved back to New Ulm in April of 2023 and brought her new designs and ideas with her.

Schorn draws inspiration from many places for her designs, often finding ideas online.

“You look at different things on the computer or the phone,” Schorn said. “Pintrest is a good area to get ideas. You get ideas when you buy your cutters and stamps. Sometimes you just pick something and go with it.”

Schorn also works with painting ceramics from time to time. Schorn isn’t sure where she got her talent in arts and crafts from other than practice over time.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I don’t think my family was really crafty. I have a sister that is crafty too, she made quilts. She also makes cards. We were five houses apart over winter in Arizona, so we shared our ideas.”

Schorn stays busy throughout the year making her cards. Last year, Schorn made and sold around 500 cards.

“Last winter in Arizona, we had three craft sales in the park,” she said. “And I sold approximately 500 last year. But I don’t want to do that many again. That was almost a full-time job.”

The cards vary in time to make depending on the complexity and content of the design.

“It depends upon the card,” Schorn said. “Some don’t take very long, some do. I have that little guy with the two beer glasses, that’s got 27 pieces in it.”

Schorn has made cards about water polo, fishing, 100th birthdays and many more specialty designs over the years. But Schorn says her favorite cards to design are the ones she started with — hand-embroidered cards for sympathy.

“Those have always been a big seller in Arizona,” Schorn said. “I try to make for the season. Here I make loons, where in Arizona I didn’t make the loon much unless it was for someone from Minnesota. And then I have made specialty cards for people. Some of them have been a real challenge.”

Schorn is currently working on a set of cards for the great-grandchildren of friends back in Arizona. She enjoys living in an apartment where she doesn’t have to deal with any maintenance issues and is closer to her two sons in Madelia and Duluth, continuing to work on her greeting cards.

“It’s a good pastime for me,” Schorn said. “I do make those 15 cards for those two ladies in Arizona for their great-grandchildren. They all get personalized and say ‘Great-granddaughter’ or ‘Great-grandson’ on it. It does take me a while. I enjoy being busy.”

Those wishing to see and buy cards made by Schorn can find them at Gypsy Girl Consignment Boutique, or can contact her by calling 870-4047-5974.


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