Key to our city delivered to Ulm, Germany

DR. JAMES SEIFERT, former New Ulm mayor, meets official at Ulm, Germany, during Travel-Fun tour of Europe.

A first for Ulm, Germany, and for its namesake, New Ulm, Minn., took place Tuesday (Oct. 9) in the office of the lord mayor of Ulm.

A delegation of over 40 from New Ulm presented Ulm lord mayor, Dr. Hans Lorenser, with the key to the city of New Ulm and a letter from Mayor Carl Wyzcawski. The presentation was made at a reception given by the lord mayor for the New Ulm visitors.

Dr. Lorenser, speaking through an interpreter, Hans Joohs,welcomed the group of New Ulmites and expressed the hope that meetings such as this will create a better understanding between our countries.

The meeting between the group and the Ulm dignitary was arranged by George Korenchen of Travel Fun Tours.

Although Dr. Lorenser has never visited New Ulm, his interpreter Hans Joohs was a New Ulm guest in 1962 when he accompanied Dr. Phizer, then lord mayor of Ulm at that time.

Dr. Lorenser also was presented a book of Western art on behalf of the city of New Ulm by Dr. Seifert. Seifert told the Ulm official that the group “feels much at home in Ulm seeing many familiar names.”

Dr. Lorenser brought a chuckle to the group as he asked to borrow Joohs’ glasses in order to read the inscription in the book. He explained that he had left his glasses back in his office.

He went on to remark about the welcome shown to Ulm visitors in 1954 during New Ulm’s centennial celebration. He explained that Ulm was marking its 1100th birthday during that same year.

In speaking of the progress made by the city, Dr. Lorenser told the delegation about the new University in Ulm. Later in the day the tour group visited the campus of the new school. Acting as tour guide for the afternoon, Joohs said the university hopes to have one of the top medical schools in the world.

During the afternoon tour, the group also went to visit the museum and grave of General Field Marshall Erwin Rommel and also his home, located not far from Ulm in the village of Herrlingen.

Korenchen was host Tuesday evening in Ulm to a dinner honoring the lord mayor with members of the New Ulm tour group as guests.

Paulette Geisler, who visited in New Ulm in 1962 along with Dr. Pfizer and Joohs, joined the Travel Fun group in Ulm to continue through the Bavarian Alps with them as official guide.

New Ulm Daily Journal,

Oct. 21, 1973


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