Owning a golf course is a family affair for the Albrechts

Mayflower Golf Club co-owner Corey Albrecht stands on the new clubhouse deck overlooking a bridge leading to the green on Hole No. 9.

The Mayflower Golf Club south of Fairfax found new life last winter when the nearby Albrecht family took ownership.

The shareholder-owned, nine-hole golf club features the winding Fort Ridgely Creek and a number of wooded areas with an abundance of wildlife. It was established in 1970. You can often see deer and a variety of birds on the golf course early in the morning.

Last March, shareholders approved selling the golf club, preferably to somebody who wanted to keep it a golf course.

The Albrechts, who farm a couple miles from the golf club, always were interested in it.

“I worked there for five years, mostly helping out on the grounds,” said Corey Albrecht. “My family was always golfing and working at the golf club. We were also active at the former Fort Ridgely State Park golf course. When the Fort Ridgely course closed, we agreed to work on keeping the Mayflower course open.”

The Albrechts submitted business plans, were selected finalists to buy the golf club, and did so last December.

“I knew it would be a heck of an undertaking. It’s just too nice a place to lose. The whole endeavor is a family affair. It’s a lot of labor. But it doesn’t seem like work to me,” said Albrecht.

Corey’s father Randy and his brother Ryan maintain the golf course grounds with him. Corey’s mother Dolly works in the clubhouse. His brother Brandon and sister Jenna helped with clubhouse renovations last winter.

Last April, the Albrechts sold their 70 dairy cows. They still raise steers and heifers on a fourth-generation Century Farm.

Clubhouse renovations included a new rear deck overlooking the Hole No. 9 green and part of the fairway.

electric Golfboards are popular with younger golfers

Other new items include electric golfboards, a sort of cross between a golf cart and a scooter that carries one person. Corey said they are particularly enjoyed on the course by younger golfers.

“A lot of younger people who live around here but are not from here, didn’t know about the Mayflower,” said Corey.

“People are willing to drive a ways to it. We get golfers from the Twin Cities. They usually tell us they’ll be back,” he added. “Business really improved about we got new highway signs put up.”

Albrecht said the clubhouse dining room will soon offer pizza and burgers. It already features a full bar.

Much of the summer golfing schedule is full with tournaments nearly every weekend through August.

The Clubhouse dining room is shown here.

Albrecht encourages people to let the golf club host events like graduation parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, small weddings, anniversary and birthday parties, reunions, and other things.

“We’ll keep improving the golf club as time goes on,” said Albrecht.

For more information, visit https://www.mayflowergolfclub.com/. The Mayflower is on a number of social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snap Chat.


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