Got wood? Want something made of it? Contact CALA NU

NU firm specializes in handmade furniture

Harold Enamorado shows a coffee table made from a piece of wood.

NEW ULM — Cala Contemporary Woodwork specializes in creating unique designs balancing the strength of metal and organic warmth of wood.

“We create pieces based on our own designs and take custom orders from commercial and residential customers,” said business owner Harold Enamorado.

The business often uses local wood including black walnut, ash, maple and oak to make many things.

The furniture product list includes console, conference, coffee and dining tables, table legs, benches, night stands, desks, wood signs, coat racks, and mantels, to name a few.

Some of the more unique products Cala makes include cubes (small, square wood tables), barn beam coffee tables on metal legs, reclaimed wood and floating slab console tables, black walnut dining tables with molten aluminum inlays, honey locust dining tables with black epoxy, reclaimed barn wood benches, and other custom projects.

Barn wood beams can be used for a table made at Cala Contemporary Woodwork.

Enamorado said he has a license from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to use ash wood.

“The City of New Ulm is cutting down ash trees. We recovered many of them from being burned,” he said. “It’s good wood. It would be a waste to burn it all.”

Harold said he can cut and process any wood with his own sawmill. He has a wood kiln.

New Ulm High school student Nick Reinhart is doing a welding internship in the Cala shop.

Born and raised in San Pedro Sula, the industrial capital of Honduras, Enamorado’s parents moved form a small, quaint village, Ceguaca, and moved to a bigger city for more opportunity.

Epoxy is used here to fill cracks in a long black walnut plank.

With lots of determination, his father created a furniture business that eventually became very successful through hard work and persistence.

Working for his father, Harold learned woodworking and how to weld. He said the most valuable thing he learned from his father was to be positive in the face of adversity.

With strong artistic talent that led him to draw and paint, Enamorado studied architecture in Costa Rica, which honed his art abilities and powered a passion for design.

He soon learned that his true talent was creating unique, custom furniture.

While at college in Costa Rica, Harold met New Ulm native Jaime Lynn who earned a masters degree in English education.

Enamorado invites people to bring wood they may have cut down on their property and are not sure just what to do with it.

“We can process wood, even logs for people and make personal projects for people,” Harold said. “For those that don’t have time to do that, we can bring our sawmill to their place and mill the wood on site.”

Enamorado offers humidity tests to to tell if wood is ready to process plus kiln dry service.

“I use my design and proportions knowledge plus architectural skills to help people design what they want,” Harold said. “I use computer aided drafting, real and 3D (dimensional) samples to show people wood and finishing examples.”

He said he has shipped wood products around the globe.

“For more delicate items and those that travel across the ocean, we build handmade crates,” said Enamorado. All shipped items are insured so an damage would be covered by the shipping company.

“We’re looking for people to sell our products. We’ve talked to interior designers in England and Qatar about selling our products over there,” Harold said.

For more information, visit www.calamn.com


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