Looking Back at 2020

German Park AmphitheaterStaff photo by Fritz Busch The German Park Amphitheater was nearing completion on Aug. 1. The $1.2 million public project replaced the sloping grass terraces, which were uneven and hard to sit on stably, with the stone terraces seen above. The amphitheater will be ready for summer concerts and events in 2021
COVID-19 vaccination Staff photo by Clay Schuldt Registered Nurse Connie Grams gives a thumbs up after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination on Dec. 22. She was the first person to receive the vaccine at New Ulm Medical Center. She would later administer the vaccine to her fellow co-workers. New Ulm Medical Center, with its super cold freezer, is a regional hub for the Pfizer vaccine. The vaccination holds out hope for a new year in which COVID-19 comes under control.
Final game File photo by Steve Muscatello Springfield’s Mitchell Buerkle drives to the hoop during a Section 2A playoff game against Waterville-Elysian-Morristown at Gustavus Adolphus College on March 9, 2020. This was the final area high school basketball game before COVID-19 shut down the spring sports season. The Tigers won this game and were scheduled to meet New Ulm Cathedral the following week, with the winner getting a trip to the state tournament. That game was canceled, however, after COVID-19 ended the remainder of the winter season. A shortended high school fall sports season was allowed to take place later in the year with no state tournaments.
Election Day Staff photo by Clay Schuldt New Ulm voters lined up and filled their ballots at the New Ulm Community Center. After a contentious presidential election, voters in Brown County and across the country turned out in unprecedented numbers in a historic election, whose repercussions are still being felt.
Jefferson Parade Staff photo by Clay Schuldt Below, distance learning put a gulf between teachers and students in 2020. Here,teachers, paraprofessionals, secretaries and staff from Jefferson Elementary lined up for a parent parade on May 4. Jefferson staff held up signs of encouragement and thanks to parents for their help over the last few weeks. It was also a chance for students to see their teachers again.
Flyover Tribute Staff photo by Kevin Sweeney A flyover above the New Ulm Medical Center (NUMC) on Wednesday, May 13, paid tribute to frontline medical workers dealing with the COVID_19 pandemic. Two C-130 Hercules from the Minnesota National Guard approached from the southeast passing over NUMC staff and hundreds of spectators in the NUMC parking lot.

In a year dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, a look back at 2020 should mention all the things that did NOT happen. There was no Bavarian Blast, no Hermannfest. The State Amateur Baseball tournament that was supposed to have been held in New Ulm was moved after the New Ulm City Council decided it was unsafe to play games and bring crowds here. But still, a lot of good things did happen, and people stepped up to keep the

connections that had been lost. Here are a few images of the year 2020.


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