Off the Shelf: Upcoming May releases

Get your hold lists ready; we’ve got some great new releases on order for May!

If you can handle more virus talk in your life, check out The End of October by Lawrence Wright. Wright’s novel is strangely prescient and follows the path of a virus that starts in Asia and quickly spreads across the globe. Suspenseful and full of historical information about viral diseases, this one is sure to shock you with its similarities to the current situation. Wright has publicly commented on how horrified he is by the way this novel has seemed to come true.

If you’d rather be immersed in a different historic time, check out Exile Music by Jennifer Steil. Orly has grown up surrounded by music in 1930s Vienna. Her mother is a well-known opera singer and her father plays viola for the Philharmonic. When the Nazis arrive in 1938, Orly’s Jewish family flees to the Bolivian Andes. After the war ends, Orly must decide if she will remain content in her new life in Bolivia or travel to Vienna to reclaim the home she once knew.

Another family must confront the past in The Imperfects by Amy Meyerson. When matriarch Helen Miller passes away, estranged siblings must come together to settle their grandmother’s estate. While going through her things they find a 137-carat yellow gemstone, which they discover is the Florentine diamond that went missing from the Austrian Empire a century ago. The siblings quickly realize how little they really know about their grandmother’s past and set out to figure out who she really was and how she came possess the precious stone. This story is inspired by the real, still-missing Florentine diamond.

Ex-CIA operations manager Michael Dunne is fresh out of jail after running an illegal covert operation on an American journalist in David Ignatius’s The Paladin. The American journalist ran an Italian news organization that seemed to steal secrets quickly and indiscriminately and use them against everyone, making it appear to be a front for enemy intelligence. Dunne knew it was illegal to run the operation, but was assured of his boss’s protection. Now free, Dunne wants to figure out what is really going on and take vengeance on those who destroyed his life.

Brigid Reardon and her brother Seamus escape Ireland’s potato famine by way of Deadwood, South Dakota in Mary Logue’s The Streel. Quickly after their arrival in Deadwood, Seamus is accused of a grisly crime and Brigid is left to manage his mining claim. She must figure out who really committed the crime and clear her brother’s name while managing a mining claim that turns out to be much more valuable than Seamus or Mary originally thought.

Zoey Caldwell is ecstatic to be visiting the number one place on her bucket list: Alaska. Local diner owner Graham Barnett can’t stand tourists. But when an act of kindness brings the two together, Graham might not be able to deny their attraction and Zoey might find more than she expected in Alaska. Sarah Morgenthaler’s The Tourist Attraction is a charming and lighthearted romance.

We have these books, along with many more, arriving in May. If you’d like to place a hold call 507-359-8331 or visit our online catalog at http://tds-mt.iii.com. We also have many of these and other titles available digitally through Overdrive at https://tds.overdrive.com/. Happy reading!


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