NUHS presents: “Newsies”

New Ulm High School to present play March 29-31

Submitted photo The cast for New Ulm High School’s play “Newsies”.

NEW ULM — New Ulm High School will present “Newsies” from March 29-31 at the High School Auditorium.

The musical is based on a strike by newspaper boys who have to go on strike because of Joseph Pulitzer, who set up rules that made it more difficult for the newsies to make money.

“It’s based on the historical event of the newsies strike in 1899,” Thursby said. “It’s against the newsies fighting against Joseph Pulitzer to raise the price of the newspapers. There were hungry kids who rose against him [Pulitzer] and they got all the other newsies to strike and then Pulitzer ended up lowering the price after Governor Teddy Roosevelt stepped in.”

Sarah Thursby, one of the play’s directors (along with Kim Horning), got the idea of doing “Newsies” from her students.

“This play has been a staple for New Ulm High School students, all the way back from their sixth grade music ed class,” Thursby said. “They all watch it. There are kids who aren’t in music in high school who have seen it and they just love it.”

Submitted photo Mitch Moellenhoff will play the roll of Jack Kelly in the upcoming play “Newsies” at New Ulm High School.

Thursby said that the students have enjoyed the practices thus far. However, it’s been tough getting in all of the practices due to school being closed or getting out early this winter.

“We lost 14 rehearsals due to the snow and the cold,” Thursby said. “In normal musical world, that would be detrimental, but because the kids are so enthused with this show, they are singing better than ever, better than ever show I’ve ever worked on with any students. Even with the lost time, they’re so eager and excited to sing and due these roles that they’ve been thinking about years ago.”

Thursby said that the musical lasts just more than 2 hours. The cast and crew has been fun for Thursby and Horning to work with and they’ve both enjoyed it.

“The hands on the production are many, we have an advanced construction class that is designing and building the set,” Thursby said. ”We have my theater productions class doing all the painting and all of the props and the light design and sound design — all of the inner workings it takes to put on a show. It’s really exciting. We also have some of the band kids and the choir kids, so it’s really kind of a big full effort.

“It’s been really fun, but quite chaotic at times,” Thursby said of managing all of the help and getting everything together despite the missed school time. “It’s help making sure everyone is getting the help that they need if they have questions, trying to take care of everyone and make sure everyone is supported. Doing that with two directors is tough because we have to supervise the set building and make sure that it’s going along, not to mention the 60-piece cast that we have.”

Submitted photo Medda Larkin (Rachel Hohensee) in a scene in the upcoming play “Newsies”.

This is the second time Thursby and Horning have worked together on a musical at New Ulm High School and Thursby said that the two work well together.

Cost is $10 for adults and $7 for children and all shows will be at New Ulm High School.

If you go:

Friday, March 29: 7 p.m.

Saturday, March 30: 7 p.m.

Submitted photo Davey (Donovin Weber), Katherine (Abby Hietala) and Race (Augie Babel) perform in the play “Newsies”.

Sunday, March 31: 2 p.m.


Adults $10

Children $7



Jack Kelly Mitch Moellenhoff

Crutchy Emma Maudal

Davey Donovin Weber

Katherine Abby Hietala

Liz Alex Vigil

Wiesel Grant Thomas

Morris Delancey Siiri Rakowski

Olivia Delancey Lizzy Wilfahrt

Pulitzer Braydon Hoffmann

Seitz Anna Natysin

Bunsen Marcarious Amoah

Hannah Makiah Otto

Nunzio & Teddy Roosevelt

Logan Bendix

Snyder Zach Lund

Medda Larkin Rachel Hohensee

Mr. Jacobi Vinny Munoz

Spot Conlon Emily Sowers


Nuns & Newsies

Kareen Hammerschmidt

Bella Koch

Anna Natysin

Makena Otto

Lucy Sletta

Bowery Beauties & Newsies

Abigail Allen

Annika Anderson

Amber Stabenow

Ellie Wilker


Race Augie Babel

Albert Jade Moellenhoff

Romeo Jacob Martinka

Specs Emily Appel

Henry Ellie Wilker

Finch Jessica Moellenhoff

Elmer Emily Sowers

Mush Maddie Nelson

Buttons Kaye Rysdahl

Tommy Boy Ethan Horning

Roy Jaden Gieser

Tony London Watson

JoJo Makenna Simpson

Splasher Paige Jacobs

Mike Ellidi Mielke

Ike Kate Suess

Mitsy Elizabeth Olson

Mickey Dani Groebner

Ricky Jana Julia Boquet

Craig Vy Phan

Tank Jenna Ebert

Coffee Girl Kaitlyn Braulick


Kimberly Horning

Sarah Thursby

Sound Design

Holden Fossen

Justin Hendrickson

Light Board

Makenna Lang


Gabby Sammons

Emma Neet

Student Stage Manager

Aaron Dewanz


Maddie Bakken

Lights Design

Sarah Thursby

Makenna Lang

Hayley Vander Louw

Set Design and Artistry

Rhonda Johnson

Set Build

Kevin Briggs