Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s Presents… Newsies

Some of the cast members of Newies: Front: Kyle McKowen, Hali Soukup, Addie Hoffman, Gabby Helget. middle: Caleb Schumacher, Carter Currans, Maya Nelson, Callie Bohnen, Jacob Lux. Back: Emma Currans, Taylor Reinarts, Julia Helget, Kira DeMaris, Leah Miller

Photos by Susan Marie Studio

In 1899, New York City got its news from an army of ragged orphans and runaways called newsies.

One homeless New York City newsboy Jack Kelly (Joseph Goedtke) befriends two newcomers to his trade, Davey (Kyle McKeown) and Les (Addie Hoffmann), who also dream of a better life far from the hardship of the streets.

However, when publisher Joseph Pulitzer (Jacob Lux) raises distribution prices at the newsies’ expense, making it harder for the young newspaper salesmen to make a buck, the boys go on strike and Jack finds a cause for which to fight.

With the help of the beautiful female reporter Katherine Plumber (Gabby Helget), all of New York City soon recognizes the power of the “little man”. Newsies is based on the true story of the 1899 newsboys’ strike.

Front- Callie Bohnen, Carter Currans, Middle - Taylor Reinarts, Hali Soukup, Joseph Goedtke, Jacob Stevens, Emma Currans, Maya Nelson, Back row - Jacob Lux, Julia Helget, Caleb Schumacher

Directed by Geri Pelzel and choreographed by Gary Sassenberg this fast-paced, entertaining show, filled with outstanding musical numbers and incredible dance performances, will bring you straight into Jack’s world of 1899 New York, and you just may never want to leave!

Pelzel said she took about 35 students to see “Newsies” at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater last spring.

“After seeing the students’ excitement for the show and assessing the real talent I had to work with this year, I knew this was our year to tackle this musical,” Pelzel said.

Advanced tickets can be purchased by calling the box office at 507-794-4121 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday through Friday. There will also be general admission/walk-in tickets available at all three performances.


Taylor Reinarts, Emma Currans, Maya Nelson, Julia Helget, Callie Bohnen

Jack Kelly Joseph Goedtke

Crutchie Jacob Stevens

Davey Kyle McKeown

Les Addie Hoffmann

Katherine Gabby Helget

Race Carter Currans

Albert Caleb Schumacher

Specs. Taylor Reinarts

Henry. Jacob Lux

Finch ………………………………………..Hali Soukup

Elmer ……………………………………….Emma Currans

Buttons …………………………………….Callie Bohnen

Splasher Leah Miller

Tommy Boy Maya Nelson

Mush Julia Helget

JoJo Joey Herzog

Medda Emily Stevens

Nuns Kira DeMaris, Anna Sellner, Natalie

Marti, Lexie Anderson, Regina Surprenant

Morris Delancey Nick Labat

Oscar Delancey Joey Fischer

Wiesel Mike Ludewig

Pulitzer Jacob Lux

Mrs.Seitz Kira DeMaris

Hannah Lexie Anderson

Nunzia Anna Sellner

Snyder………… John Luu Mathiowetz

Bowery Beauties Kira DeMaris, Anna Sellner,

Lauren Hofmann, Elliana Sanow,

Bella Hoffman, Samantha Ibberson

Guards Owen Weiss, John Miller

Mrs. Jacobi Regina Superprenant

Scabs Kaleb Wait, Owen Weiss, John Miller

Mayor. Michael Sloot

Spot Conlon CJ Surprenant

Brooklyn Newsies John Luu Mathiowetz,

Anna Sellner, Lexie Anderson,

Katelyn Rutcher, Owen Weiss, Kaleb Wait,

John Miller, Alexa Pelzel, Meriden Andres,

Emma Fischer, Sarah Zinnel, Sophie Kyllonen

Darcy Regina Surprenant

Barb Katelyn Rutcher

Roosevelt Laurence Simenson

Newsie Ensemble/Passerby/Refuge kids-Samantha Ibberson, Alexa Pelzel, Ellianna Sanow, Bella Hoffmann, Meriden Andres, Lauren Hoffmann, Cecelia Joyce, Natalie Marti, Emma Fischer, Sara Zinniel, Sophie Kyllonen, Trevor Zeig, Laurence Simenson, Katelyn Rutcher, Anna Sellner, Lexie Anderson, Regina Surprenant,

Tech Crew: Megan Ahlness, Lorena Butler, Sophie Portner

Don’t miss Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s production of Newsies at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, March 22-23 and at 2 p.m. Sunday, March 24 in St. Mary’s Auditorium.


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