New Ulm Park and Rec gears up for a new spring/summer season

Photos courtesy of New Ulm Park and Recreation Spikeball is an up an coming popular game.

NEW ULM — The New Ulm Park and Recreation department is gearing up for another spring/summer season filled with new activities aimed at both youth and adults.

The department will feature the normal events geared toward younger participants this year along with new events designed to bring in more participants at all age levels. Online registration began April 10.

Joey Schugel, who is the recreation program supervisor at the parks and recreation department in New Ulm, talked about a few new ideas that should interest people of all ages.

Adult/Child Yoga in the Park

Schugel thinks this could be a big hit for both adults and children. The program is designed for adults who have children and can’t always get away to a fitness class. This beginner-level class allows the children to participate along with their parents and is also suitable for those who are more active with yoga.

Photos courtesy of New Ulm Park and Recreation. T-Ball leagues are for children ages five and six.

“I think it’s going to be a great thing for the community, we really wanted to have a program that focused on intergenerational play, you could have a grandparent bringing a grandkid,” Schugel said. “Mixing kids and adults in a program is always fun and always goes over well. This was one way to do it.”

Because of grant money through the Neighborhood Health Connection Grant from Allina Heath, this class is possible and it will be spread at parks all over town, making it easier for those who don’t get to visit all of the parks often or for those who might have transportation issues and can’t always make it to a park across town. It’s also free because of the grant, another reason for those curious to try it.

The class first meets at 9-9:45 a.m. on June 3 at North Park. After June 3, the schedule continues June 10 at German Park, June 17 at Hermann Heights Park, June 24 (Washington Park), July 8 (Lincoln Park), July 15 (Riverside Park), July 22 (Harman Park) and July 29 (South Park).

There will be giveaways and prizes for those who attend. You’re encouraged to bring your own yoga mats, but they will also be provided for those who need one. Water bottles will also be given to all who attend and for those who attend three or more dates, you will be given your own yoga mat.

“I just think that’s another way to try to reach people who have never tried yoga before,” Schugel said. “Maybe their beginners or intimidated to try it. Anyone can do it, it’ll be a very basic, general yoga where your experienced people with yoga will still get something out of it, but beginners will get something out of it as well.”

Photos courtesy of New Ulm Park and Recreation The Hermann Swim Club will focus on training swimmers to improve their skills.

Spiking Pickles series

(Ages 10-17)

Participants will explore two exciting and growing sports, spikeball and pickleball, both newer programs to the New Ulm Park and Rec department

Pickleball takes elements from tennis, badminton and table tennis while spikeball is best described as a combination of volleyball and four-square.

The New Ulm Park and Rec staff will teach participants the basic skills, scoring, rules, and technique of both sports. The program will be played in rotating days and a tournament during the last week. Players will rotate with each other throughout the series to enjoy these social sports.

Photos courtesy of New Ulm Park and Recreation Youth soccer leagues run for children ages four to 10.

“It’s two of the new and up-and-coming sports in the country, so what I wanted to do was open it up to youth so I could get them to learn it early,” Schugel said. “Both sports have caught on in the adult world, really pickleball for active adults. To teach kids the game early, they don’t have to learn it for when they get older, they already know how to play.”

The days for the series are Tuesdays and Thursdays, July 11-Aug. 3. Times are from 11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m. and it will be held at the New Ulm Rec. Center.

Hermann Swim Club

The Park and Rec department is running the Hermann Swim Club this year. The Hermann Recreational Swim Club will focus on training swimmers to improve their skills. Sessions provide participants the opportunity to improve swim strokes, build muscle, speed, strength, and improve endurance and the instructors will provide a safe and fun environment. Each session consists of six meeting dates, the first five will focus on developing techniques and skills and have an in-house intra-squad swim meet during the final session date.

The goal is to also have meets at a later date with other communities.

Other events

There are plenty of other activities planned for the spring/summer season. Some of them include youth sand volleyball (ages 7-13) and youth soccer (ages 4-10). Co-rec baseball and softball leagues (ages 7-10) are also available along with T-ball (ages 5-6) and bitty ball (ages 3-4). Youth recreational activities, such as canoeing and bird ecology are also available and there is a youth fit club also going on this summer.

For more information on the numerous other events, go to the New Ulm Park and Rec website You can also cal 359-8347.