Township interested in mail-in ballots; Haala wins

BROWN COUNTY — Prairieville Township board members voiced interest in mail-in election ballots, but did not fully approve the issue, earlier this month.

“Township officers will initiate mail-in ballots. We can act on it later,” Prairieville Township Clerk Tom Hirsch said.

All 11 township voters elected Francis Fromm as supervisor and Greg Grausam treasurer.

Hirsch said the township decided to continue mowing road ditches as it has in the past. One swath can be cut the first week of July. Ditches will be fully cut in late August, he said.

Prairieville township voters are part of the City of Evan for federal, state, and school board elections. The township levy will remain at $110,000.

Using mail-in ballots, Stark Township voters re-elected Supervisor Keith M. Hoffmann and Treasurer Dennis Hillescheim. Each man received all 11 votes. The township levy will remain the same as last year.

Milford Township Chairman Fred Juni was re-elected, getting 45 votes. Tom Guggisberg got 13 votes.

Albin Township Chairman Dale Windschitl and Treasurer Michelle Fischer were re-elected, each receiving all eight township votes.

Cottonwood Township Chairman Darvin Turbes and Treasurer Jason Wenisch were re-elected, each getting all 11 township votes.

Eden Township Supervisor Galen Engholm and Treasurer Scott Mathiowetz were re-elected, each getting all 10 township votes.

Karen Haala edged Danny Grothem for the Lake Hanska treasurer’s post, 13 votes to 10. Landon Sletta was elected supervisor, getting all 23 votes.

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